MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Tahnee and Ollie share honest thoughts on their 'edit'

The season 10 couple reveal what they really think of their on-screen portrayal.

After a whirlwind season of Married At First Sight filled with plenty of drama, scandals and controversy, golden couple Tahnee Cook and Ollie Skelton have shared their thoughts on the way they were portrayed on TV.

Despite being one of the two couples to make it to the end of the experiment, and one of seven couples still together across 10 seasons of the reality show, the pair received significantly less screen time than most of the other cast members.

MAFS’ Ollie and Tahnee at the commitment ceremony.
MAFS’ Tahnee and Ollie have revealed what they really think of their ‘edit. Photo: Channel Nine

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle about their ‘edit’, Ollie says he believes viewers only got to see “a portion” of who Tahnee really is.

“I have so much relief and gratitude for the way that we were shown, because I feel like myself was shown and our relationship was shown, but there were parts where I wish they uplifted Tahnee a little bit,” he shares.

“I would’ve loved for them to delve a little bit deeper into her and all her amazing qualities.”


Tahnee admits she was initially “disappointed” about moments in her and Ollie’s relationship being edited out in favour of other people’s drama, but says she has a different perspective on it now.

“At first I felt like people weren’t really getting to see who we are, but now I'm looking at it as a positive that I guess they will follow our journey outside the show and stick around and find out more about us,” she remarks.

“So I think there are positives and benefits to what our edit was. Obviously, you saw who we are, but I think you got to see other people a lot deeper than us. I think it's going to be nice that people, if they want to, will continue to follow us and our journey.”

MAFS’ Ollie and Tahnee at the dinner party.
Ollie believes viewers only got to see ‘a portion’ of who Tahnee really is. Photo: Channel Nine

'That's when I started to feel authentically me'

Ollie adds that he understands why they were edited the way they were because although he and Tahnee argued a few times in the experiment, they were “never screaming at each other or bagging each other out”.

“If you are to compare the disagreements that Tahnee and I were having in comparison to what the other couples were having, the edit would seem correct,” he says.

“It's reality TV and it's dramatised, sure, but I believe that 95 per cent of what was shown on that show is how I saw it and how I felt it at the time, be it my feelings towards Tahnee or my feelings towards another couple or how I perceived an interaction at the dinner party. The essence is still there, they just had to cut it down.”

He also explains that he and Tahnee “pretty much said diddly-squat” in the first two weeks of the experiment, which may have set a precedent for how they were edited

“I think it was, ironically enough, when Rupert [Bugden] came into the experiment that I felt completely comfortable and I really started to feel like myself,” he shares. “That's when you can see me talking about Dan [Hunjas] and the butt dial and the boys’ night, and that's when I really started to feel authentically me.”

MAFS' Ollie and Tahnee smiling.
‘I personally feel I got what I wanted out of the experiment, which was to find someone, so anything else that happens is really just a bonus.’ Photo: Channel 10

'It's probably been the hardest thing'

Speaking about life outside of MAFS, Tahnee reveals it was “quite an adjustment” when Ollie went back to Perth and they began a long-distance relationship.

“We spent three months together and we barely texted because we were just constantly around each other 24/7, and then Ollie had some complaints about my text style and the frequency of my texts or whatever it was,” she laughs. “We just had to adjust to what a normal couple would do when they're dating, because what we did was not normal at all.”

“Tahnee and I, I think we both have controlling qualities and I think we're both really used to independent life,” Ollie adds. “One of the things that is constantly on our to-do list is just kind of getting our own independent lifestyles out of the way and collaborating together. It’s probably been the hardest thing.”

The couple, who have since moved in together in Sydney, adds that they are looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for them after MAFS.

“I personally feel I got what I wanted out of the experiment, which was to find someone, so anything else that happens is really just a bonus,” Tahnee says.

“We've seen some commentary of people wanting a podcast or a TV show or something like that, so maybe that's something we'll look at exploring. But honestly, we haven't really planned too much out.”

“We’re taking it as it comes and whatever will be will be,” Ollie remarks.

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