MAFS' Josh reveals reason behind transformation: 'Tough'

The single father's new look has been labelled 'handsome' and 'suave'.

MAFS participant Josh White quickly gained sympathy from fans this year, with the Disney-loving dad embroiled in a tumultuous relationship with ‘horny’ bride Melissa Sheppard. After telling the experts he felt “broken”, the 40-year-old was allowed to leave the experiment even though his ‘bride’ wanted to stay.

The single father came across as quite “dorky” to viewers during the show, but changed his appearance drastically once filming ended. On Wednesday, Josh addressed his new look and revealed secrets about the cast in an explosive Reddit Q&A.

Josh White on MAFS
MAFS' Josh White was considered 'dorky' while appearing on the show. Photo: Nine

During filming, Josh had longer hair with a dramatic side part and kept his face clean-shaven. In press appearances earlier this year, fans fawned over his short hair and stubble. The star also looked slimmer after dropping 3kgs, with many viewers commenting on his “style upgrade”.

After a fan asked why he changed his style from “dorky” to “fashionable” after the show, the star had a heartbreaking explanation.


“I didn’t think I dressed dorky on the show. I did think I came across dorky on the show but I don’t think that’s me in real life,” he started. “But you touch on something important. I did continue to train hard after my time on the show ended — I was weighing 94kgs when I went on the show and since then have gotten down to 91kgs.”

He also added that since he left the show, he has made a point of getting outside more which has given him a tanned look.

L: Josh White on MAFS. R: Josh White after MAFS
Fans have described his new look as 'handsome' and 'suave' on social media. Photo: Nine & Instagram/whitej81

However, his decision to change his hair and grow facial hair was “intentional”, to protect his young children.

“[I wanted] privacy for my children when I am out with them. It was to distance myself as much as possible from the person on the screen, so that I could continue to live a normal life,” he admitted.

“You’ve got to realise how tough it is when you walk places and people notice you and have seen you cry and break down.”

MAFS' Josh White on Today Extra
The reality TV star is trying to keep a low profile now the show has finished. Photo: Nine

Josh reveals his ideal match: ‘Good friends’

The NSW local has previously defended co-star Alyssa Barmonde on Instagram, after seeing her cop heated backlash from Duncan James fans.

Sharing a snap of himself giving Alyssa a hug from the reunion, he gushed about her good qualities in the caption.

“She is a dear friend. She is kind. She is so (very) funny. She lights up any room. She is an incredible, loving mother; and she has made a success of herself, here in Sydney, when her family are half a world away,” he wrote. “It’s important you understand how so many of us who are lucky to call Alyssa a friend, feel about her.”

In a shock twist, he also admitted on Reddit that he would have liked to be paired with Alyssa during the experiment.

“Hard one to answer…but I think Alyssa,” he elaborated. "We have kids. We live in Sydney. We’ve been married before. But to clarify, before this gets out of hand, we are just good friends.

Josh and Lyndall’s short fling: ‘Haven’t spoken’

After rumours spread about Josh’s rumoured fling with Lyndall Grace in December, the MAFS participant clarified their current relationship on Reddit.

He was quick to let fans know the pair never officially “dated”, and are currently no longer in contact.


“We haven’t spoken since the end of January,” he wrote, before adding that he did reach out after the finale episode aired on Tuesday.

“I didn’t expect a response, it was probably moreso done out of wanting to acknowledge her time on the show, which was at times hard to watch for me,” he said.

“I will always look back on that period of time very fondly and I wish her, now, as I have always done, nothing but the very best in life.”

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