MAFS' Jesse unrecognisable with short hair in throwback snap

Jesse Burford only started growing his hair out in 2021.

MAFS participant Jesse Burford was thrust into the public eye as a ‘villain’ earlier this year, after he famously listed his ‘ick list’ and berated his bride Claire Normahas for being ‘too loud’. In an emotional redemption arc, the wedding celebrant found himself at the centre of a cheating scandal after Claire locked lips with fellow groom Adam Seed during a night out.

While the pair tried to repair their rocky relationship, controversial participant Harrison Boon made Jesse doubt Claire’s reasons for staying, putting an end to their 'marriage'. The 30-year-old became known for his long, curly brunette hair that falls past his shoulders and often wore his hair tied up in a bun on the show. The reality star joked in one episode that he looked like ‘Johnny Depp from Wish’, but resurfaced snaps have revealed he used to have a very different look.

Jesse Burford on MAFS
MAFS contestant Jesse Burford didn't always look like this. Photo: Nine

Prior to COVID in January 2020, an old snap of the Perth-based star shows that he used to have short hair.

In one photo, he is seen posing with influencer Sharon Marsh in the Western Australian town of Cottesloe. Married At First Sight fans may remember Sharon from season four, where she was part of the first-ever double wedding with identical twin Michelle Marsh.


Jesse looks relaxed, posing with a backwards baseball cap on his head and sported a loose black singlet. Sharon wore a gold bustier and black jeans, with the pair both holding plastic cups.

Jesse Burford and former MAFS star Sharon Marsh at a bar
A photo of Jesse with former MAFS star Sharon Marsh shows how different he used to look. Photo: Instagram/jesse_burford

It seems that the MAFS contestant decided to grow his hair out in 2021, with some snaps on Instagram showing Jesse soaking up the sun on a day out in Fremantle, Western Australia.

His hair reaches just past his ears and he sported a pair of dark shades along with some facial hair. He left his white shirt open to show off his chest tattoos and posed in a Ferris wheel with a mystery brunette.

Another picture from the same outing shows Jesse sitting with another friend and a young boy.

Jesse Burford wearing a white shirt and black sunglasses sitting next to another man in a shirt and sunglasses
Jesse was spotted with slightly longer hair in January 2021. Photo: Instagram/jesse_burford
MAFS star Jesse Burford with sunglasses sitting with a brunette on a ferris wheel
The polarising MAFS star was seen enjoying the views from a Ferris wheel. Photo: Instagram/jesse_burford

Jesse goes rogue in heated interview

This comes after Jesse slammed Claire's 'angel' edit in an interview with Daily Mail. Jesse admitted to the publication that he was surprised to see Claire being portrayed so positively on TV despite her questionable behaviour during filming.

“For some reason, they chose her to be the angel of the season,” he said, claiming that Claire behaved like a “super villain”.

“It’s almost criminal. The imbalance and the injustice, I can't even explain it.”


Jesse went on to share that although he didn’t believe there was any chance he would receive a ‘villain’ edit because of how Claire was acting, he was quickly proven wrong.

“I was shocked watching our relationship play out on screen,” he remarked. “I remember thinking to myself, ‘I don't have to worry one bit about if I'm going to be a villain, because [Claire] just said some crazy stuff’.

“And there I am watching our honeymoon six months later, and they're showing none of it!”

While he didn’t directly see any favouritism from producers towards Claire during filming, he claims he felt a “weird sixth sense that something didn't feel right”.

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