MAFS fan favourite shocks with steamy 'couple swap': 'Uproar'

The couple were an unexpected Married At First Sight pairing.

MAFS fans have been rooting for Lyndall Grace and Cameron Dunne’s romance to last, with many enamoured by the sweet couple. However, just after Yahoo Lifestyle revealed leaked snaps hinting the pair had split, another bombshell has been dropped.

According to the Daily Mail, Lyndall started a steamy relationship with fellow groom Josh White, who was originally paired with ‘horny bride’ Melissa Sheppard. The publication reports that the blonde, 27, locked lips with the 40-year-old single dad after filming ended in December.

L: Lyndall Grace and Cameron Dunne on MAFS. R: Josh White angry on MAFS
In an unexpected twist, MAFS stars Lyndall and Josh reportedly had a secret tryst. Photo: Nine

After the pair got together at the post-finale party held at Ivy Pool in Sydney, the Disney-obsessed groom visited Lyndall in Perth in late January for a long weekend.

“Josh and Lyndall were secretly hooking up for weeks,” a contestant told the publication. “Things started when he told her he really liked her and felt like kissing her, and she said, ‘Well, go on then’.”

The insider adds that the new couple "couldn’t stop pashing" in front of their fellow MAFS stars.

“After [the kiss], they would spend hours on the phone with each other every night and just got to really know each other that way.”


It is believed that no cheating was involved, with the publication claiming both couples broke it off before the show finished. The source reveals that Josh and Melissa parted ways in the middle of the experiment, while Lyndall and Cam weren’t together when the finale rolled around.

L: Lyndall Grace at a MAFS dinner party. R: Josh White at a MAFS dinner party
Lyndall and Josh's secret fling comes as a huge shock. Photo: Nine

Lyndall was open about her new romance when she met up with a few of her co-stars for New Year’s Eve, but the majority of the cast didn’t find out until just recently.

One of the publication’s sources said that some fellow cast members were left with ‘a sour taste’ in their mouths, including Josh’s sex-obsessed ex Melissa.

“[She was] the last one to hear about it, and boy was she not happy,” the insider said. “A lot of [MAFS] crew were stunned their hook-up became so serious so quickly.”

Although the “couple swap” caused a “major uproar”, their fling is understood to be over now.

MAFS star Melissa grabbing Josh's behind during their wedding day kiss
'Horny bride' Melissa grabbed Josh's behind on their wedding day. Photo: Supplied

Leaked snaps hint at Lyndall and Cam's fate

This comes after Yahoo Lifestyle shared leaked snaps that hint towards a Lyndall and Cam split.

The FIFO worker has been spotted multiple times in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory over January and February, but Lyndall has remained in Perth.

A video of Cam drinking in a local pub after work one evening has sent fans into overdrive, with many speculating the couple has called it quits.


MAFS star Cam at a bar in Alice Springs
Cam has been spotted without his 'wife' in Alice Springs. Photo: Supplied

Fans were devastated online, with one saying the pair were her “favourite couple”.

“I truly hope they make it together,” she added.

“My favourite [couple] too,” another wrote.

“Looks like we know who isn’t together. Really spoiling the show this series. The last few series they have been really careful not to let it out before it ends. What a pity,” a third chimed in.

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