MAFS' Evelyn spills on 'messy' dinner party: 'So much going on'

EXCLUSIVE: The Married At First Sight intruder shares her honest thoughts on the night.

While Married At First Sight's latest dinner party centred around Adam Seed and Claire Nomarhas’ kissing saga, with almost every couple weighing in on the drama, it also marked the first time the intruders officially met and mingled with the rest of the cast.

Evelyn Ellis, who married Rupert Bugden in Monday night’s episode, tells Yahoo Lifestyle she was “very nervous” arriving at the dinner party because she had no idea what to expect.

MAFS’ Evelyn Ellis at the dinner party.
MAFS’ Evelyn Ellis reveals what it was like attending her first dinner party. Photo: Channel Nine

“What a dinner party to walk into!” she remarks. “It was pretty messy at that party, so it was kind of hard for me to gauge and get to know people on a personal level because there was so much going on.

“The second those doors opened and I walked in, Janelle [Han], Alyssa [Barmonde], Melinda [Willis] and Tahnee [Cook] instantly dragged me aside and they told me straight away what was going on. I had no idea!”


Although she was looking forward to chatting with her fellow participants at her first group event, Evelyn admits she didn't want to get involved in the drama and share her opinions.

“I one hundred per cent did not chime in at all,” she shares. “I think it's hard to say anything when you don't really know what's going on.

“What I like about a setting like that was I was able to pick up on everyone's energy and I think sometimes someone that listens as opposed to someone who speaks kind of gets more out of the situation.”

MAFS’ Evelyn Ellis and Rupert Budgen at the dinner party.
Evelyn is paired with Rupert Bugden in the experiment. Photo: Channel Nine

'I could not stand him'

Speaking about her first impressions of the other brides and grooms, Evelyn reveals she “pretty quickly worked out” who she should steer clear of.

“I did get a chance to speak with some people, but there were some people that I felt were difficult to connect with because they just did not seem sincere to me and I just had the feeling straight away that I wasn't going to get along with some people,” she says.

“The first moment I met Dan [Hunjas], I could not stand him. I just felt this weird energy from him that just didn't seem authentic. I don’t know, I just had my guard up with him.”

However, there were plenty of people whom she immediately felt a “warm authentic genuine energy” and gravitated towards in the experiment.

“Melinda and Layton [Mills] I absolutely adore, I call them my mum and dad and I still have a really good relationship with them now,” she adds.

“Tahnee and Ollie [Skelton] are fabulous, Sandy [Jawanda] I adore to bits, Claire I actually really adore, Jessie [Burford] I adore, Janelle I adore, and everyone that's not included in that list is on the s**t list.

“I will admit, I feel like I judged Claire a little too soon. She's now one of my favourite people and I do believe that everyone makes mistakes. She just happened to make one on a TV show.”

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