MAFS' Janelle makes bombshell confession about cheating scandal

The Married at First Sight star revealed behind-the-scenes moments from the night Adam kissed Claire.

Married at First Sight star Janelle Han has made a bombshell confession about the night her 'husband' Adam Seed kissed co-star Claire Nomarhas.

As the drama of the cheating scandal unfolded during Wednesday night's dinner party, Adam attempted to justify his actions saying he and Janelle were not in a good place the night the cast went out and he and Claire kissed.

A blindsided Janelle told her co-stars she was not aware they were not in a good place revealing the behind-the-scenes moments they shared the night he cheated on her.

Choking back tears at the dinner table, Janelle said she was "shocked".

Janelle Han cries at the MAFS dinner party.
Janelle Han dropped a massive bombshell at Wednesday night's dinner party. Source: Channel Nine

"We cuddled on the couch, we watched movies, we drank red wine, we called our friends, I kissed him goodbye before he left, and he had sex with me that night," she revealed.

Claire shook her head in disbelief after Janelle made the confession while other co-stars expressed their shock.

Alyssa Barmonde then pressed Adam, asking if he slept with Janelle the night he kissed Claire.

Scrambling for an answer, Adam said, "I owned it with Janelle".

"Did you sleep with Janelle?" Melinda Willis again asked while Adam stuttered.


Adam tried to weasel his way out of the question, saying: "Right, so you're hearing this who you've heard it from ... and you believe everything you've heard, is that correct?"

Alyssa said they were just trying to get the facts.

"Did you kiss Claire then go home and have sex with Janelle the same night?" she asked again.

Adam shook his head and said: "That's ... 100 per cent yes."

Adam Seed looks stressed during the MAFS dinner party.
Adam Seed tried to defend himself before admitting he did have sex with Janelle the same night he kissed Claire. Source: Channel Nine

Watching from behind the scenes, expert John Aiken said it "wasn't a good look".

"We're in a bad place but let's have sex?" he said.

A furious Janelle then said she didn't want to speak to or see Adam or hear his point of view.

"Of course you don't want to hear my point of view because you don't want to hear the opposite to what you've said Janelle," Adam shot back.

A preview of Sunday night's commitment ceremony shows Adam and Janelle are still struggling with the fallout of the cheating scandal with Janelle breaking down in front of the experts as Adam again attempts to defend his actions.

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