MAFS star Jesse's ex-girlfriend spills dirt on groom live on-air

The Married at First Sight star's former lover revealed the pair's relationship 'didn't last long'.

The ex-girlfriend of controversial Married at First Sight groom Jesse Burford has spilled details from their relationship after he divided viewers with an off-camera act on Tuesday night.

Fox FM's workday announcer Kat Markey told Fifi, Fev & Nick she had dated the MAFS star in Perth, saying she was aware of his 'ick' list.

The MAFS groom divided viewers with his extensive list of turn-offs, including "star sign chicks", "drama queens" and "any girl who starts a sentence with 'honey', 'sweetie', and 'oh my god, babe'".

Kat told the radio show she had briefly dated the marriage celebrant when they both lived in Perth, and he was "really picky".

MAFS couple Claire and Jesse got off to a rocky start. Source: Channel Nine
MAFS couple Claire and Jesse got off to a rocky start. Source: Channel Nine

"It didn't last long," she revealed.

"I knew that he wasn't into it for the long run.

"He used to hit me up about radio-related stuff."

Kat added she wasn't surprised her former lover was on the reality show but believed he wasn't really on there to find a girlfriend and instead was looking for "a bit of a gig".


"He just likes the sound of his own voice," she said.

Adding he was a "good kisser", Kat claimed Jesse knew how to "woo the ladies".

The ex-girlfriend speaks out after Jesse polarised fans on Tuesday night after he told his new 'wife' Claire Nomarhas to 'shush' while they were at the airport on the way to their honeymoon in the Whitsundays.

As the pair waited at the airport, Jesse told Claire to be quiet "a few times", causing a lot of tension between them, with Claire saying she was beginning to "second guess" everything she was saying and how she said it.

Jesse and Claire sit in silence looking tense.
Jesse told Claire to 'shush' in Tuesday night's episode. Source: Channel Nine

"Jesse actually shushed me a couple of times today, and I did not like being shushed," Claire tells the producers. "We were in the airport, just getting a few things for our honeymoon, and maybe I laugh loud, maybe I'm a little bit loud when I speak, and he was like, 'Shush, use your indoor voice'. Like, one day in, if you're already shushing me, you're going to have a hard time ahead of you buddy boy."

Jesse told producers Claire "can sometimes become unaware of how loud she's speaking".

"I prefer quality of conversation over quantity of conversation," he said.

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