MAFS star reveals surprising benefit of couple swap: 'I needed it'

One former contestant has opened up as to why the couple swap actually benefited her MAFS journey.

A former MAFS star has revealed why the couple swap worked for her journey on the show, saying it helped her gain perspective on her relationship that she may not have gotten had she not been put with someone else for three days.

Lyndall Grace was partnered with Cam Woods during Season 10, with the two appearing like a perfect match at first until their differences in communication, affection styles, and conflict over where they saw their future going eventually wore them down.

With this year's MAFS experiment scrapping last year's controversial couple swap, Lyndall appeared on Yahoo Lifestyle's podcast Behind The Edit to chat more about 'Feedback Week' on MAFS and dropped that while the couple swapping task was controversial for some, it was actually something that turned out super beneficial for her after spending three days with another Married At First Sight groom, Ollie Skelton.

Lyndall and Cam MAFS
Lyndall and Cam's relationship started strong but slowly deteriorated throughout the experiment.

MAFS' Lyndall on how the partner swap changed the 'trajectory' of her relationship

"Things were so bad in my relationship at that time, and I wasn't particularly worried, despite all of Cam's flaws I knew he wasn't going to do anything," Lyndall said.

"But I also think that it came at a time for me when I needed it. I needed to be around somebody else and rather than like just listening to what Cam had to say and being in that dynamic, I had to be exposed to something else. I will hand on heart say even though the partner swap I have issues with, it changed the trajectory of my relationship."


She continued: "I cried the first day, because [Ollie] made it such a safe space. I think being in an environment with someone who was like, 'So how are you feeling?', it was so hard. I cried to my producer later, because I felt like if I let that wall down it was going to be floodgates of I don't know how to go back to that mode, so it did make me be like... Well, this isn't actually who I am, I need to figure some stuff out."

lyndall grace on yahoo's behind the edit podcast
2023 MAFS star Lyndall Grace. Photo: Supplied

Lyndall then said her experience being beneficial wasn't the common experience throughout the couple swapping week.


"It's interesting, I think it can be delivered in a different way," she said. "I don't think we need to be moving in with other people, but I do think what they do on the girls and the boys nights, where they separate everyone from their partners and they're in an environment where they can talk about it without having to say it in front of their partner."

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