MAFS' Tristan and Cass leave fans emotional: 'Made me tear up'

After a tough emotional journey, Tristan and Cassandra decided to leave the experiment as friends.

Cassandra Allen and Tristan Black have been one of Married At First Sight's sweetest couples, but things didn't spark romantically for them on the show, with Tristan telling Cass he was falling for her, and Cass being unable to reciprocate his feelings.

The two ended up leaving the experiment during Sunday's commitment ceremony, but it wasn't all tantrums, tension, and shouting that we're used to witnessing at commitment ceremony breakups. In fact, the breakup may have been one of the nicest, most amicable we've seen on the show so far.

Cass and Tristan were one of two breakups during the latest commitment ceremony, with Richard and Andrea also bidding an emotional goodbye to each other.

However, it was Cass and Tristan's amicable split that had fans of the show both happy and sad for the duo.

Tristan and Cass on mafs commitment ceremony lounge
Tristan and Cass's MAFS journey has come to an end. Photo: Nine

Taking to the couch a week after Tristan confessed his feelings while Cass had written leave, the two decided it was their time to leave the experiment.


"My fears kind of happened," Tristan said on the couch. "I told someone I was falling in love with them and I got rejected. And then I just retreated."

Cass then said after some time apart, the two accepted they were ready to just be friends and Tristan agreed that they found closure together.

Cass told Tristan that the next woman he'd be with would be the "luckiest woman in the world" and Tristan told Cass while she broke his heart, he was glad she was the one to do it.

Tristan and Cass mafs commitment ceremony
Tristan and Cass had one of MAFS' sweetest breakups in history. Photo: Nine

"You're stuck in my life forever," he said. "I know I say this all the time, but i'm the luckiest dude to get matched with you. You have been patient, you have been kind, you have listened, you mean everything to me."


"You have shown me so much fun, and laughter, and light, and I feel so amazing and warm to have been with you on this journey. You've meant so much to me," Cass said to Tristan. "When you do love yourself, gosh, you're amazing. And I will cherish this journey with you until the end of time."

MAFS fans took to social media to celebrate the duo's honesty and respect towards each other.

"That was the best break up ever!!!! They have so much love and respect for each other… it’s just not the romantic type of love, unfortunately," another person tweeted.

"Possibly the most amicable and kind ending to a relationship on MAFS ever," another person said on Instagram.

"This made me tear up. Both are gorgeous people and l wish them well in finding their perfect person to love," someone else commented.

Others praised Cass for her handling of the whole situation, which saw Tristan suffer from some low moods and anxiety as the experiment went on.

"Poor Cass she didn't deserve that and shouldn't have been paired with someone who hadn't a clue how to be in a relationship. Tristan is a lovely guy but he wasn't ready for something like this," one person said. "This is absolutely true. She’s been through so much and women are not men's rehabilitation centres," another agreed.

"If there's one person I wanted to see fall in love on MAFS it's Cass... it was obvious from the start that Tristan had no idea. I know you're going to fall in love Cass, I just know it... you are beautiful inside and out," someone else said.

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