MAFS' Jack and Tori party with some of the show's most notorious villains: 'Bunch of flops'

The couple were spotted partying at Bryce Ruthven's birthday on the Gold Coast.

Divisive Married At First Sight couple Jack Dunkley and Tori Adams have been spotted together in the Gold Coast hanging out with some former MAFS 'villains' including Bryce Ruthven and Daniel Holmes.

Celebrating what appeared to be Bryce's 35th birthday, Tori and Jack happily smiled in the photos surrounded by Bryce, Daniel, Jason Engler, and Dan Hunjas.

Fans flocked to the comments, some to call out Bryce for the company he keeps, but he was quick to rebut them.

"What a bunch of flops everyone I can't stand in one pic," one person commented. "Bryce, you can't be serious hanging around the dog Jack this is upsetting," another said.

Tori and Jack with Bryce, Jason, Daniel and Dan
Tori and Jack were celebrating Bryce Ruthven's 35th birthday. Photo:

"One thing I learnt from my own experience doing the show is to not judge people purely off what you witness on a TV show. They were both lovely to my friends & I, so am happy to have a drink with them," Bryce said in response.


He also dropped some extra tea in the comments, alluding to someone else he met recently.

"I’ll give you an example of the TV show.. I recently met someone who is attacking Jack & Tori from what I’ve seen on the show and appears to be wonderful person.. and trust me, they were anything but that when they were with Liss & I," he said.

Jack Dunkley pictured with Bryce Ruthven, Jason Engler, Daniel Holmes, and Dan Hunjas
Some people labelled the photo a 'walking red flag'. Photo:

While the photos were flooded with a bunch of negative comments, some people stuck up for the couple and Bryce for hanging out with them.

"Everyone painted a bad picture of you guys but look where you are now, married with two gorgeous little boys. Hopefully Tori and Jack do the same. Just so over negative comments," one person said.

Jack shuts down Tori pregnancy rumours

With Jack being constantly questioned about whether he's attracted to Tori or not, the controversial groom has now given an interview to Star 104.5’s Gina & Matty to shed more light on his sexual connection with Tori.

Jack and Tori commitment ceremony
Jack and Tori have faced a lot of questions from MAFS participants about the nature of their relationship. Photo: Nine


When asked about everyone's obsession with what Jack and Tori are getting up to in the bedroom after being constantly quizzed by the other MAFS participants, Jack said that he and Tori did not want to get peer-pressured into any situation.

"We just pushed back if we weren't ready, we weren't comfortable. By this point of the show, where we're getting up to plenty of mischief...we just hadn't actually done the deed yet," he said.

Jack also shut down the rumours of Tori being pregnant with his child, after being asked if he could "squash" the rumour of Tori being pregnant.

"Yep, we can squash that right now," Jack said.

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