MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Groom lashes out at Melinda with harsh claim

Melinda Willis is a firm fan favourite.

Last year’s MAFS cast became extremely popular on social media, leading to multiple opportunities for the reality TV stars. Fan favourites Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding racked up over one million followers combined, leading to a massive podcast deal and further reality TV appearances on Made in Chelsea and I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

However, the 2023 cast hasn’t been so lucky, and one participant has lashed out with a harsh accusation. After failing to grow their social media following, the contestant has turned on this year's most popular star Melinda Willis in a brutal way.

Layton Mills, Melinda Willis, Harrison Boon and Bronte Schofield at a MAFS commitment ceremony.
Melinda Willis is the most popular contestant from this year's season of MAFS. Photo: Nine

Melinda has been hit by harsh and unfounded claims about her Instagram followers, with the groom suggesting her fanbase isn't real.

Since season 10 started airing, the outspoken blonde has added 200,000 new followers to her already impressive following, taking her to 358,000 total followers.


“The show ended weeks ago and [Melinda’s] still gaining thousands of followers every single day when the rest of us are barely getting any. It’s suss,” the cast member told us.

Melinda Willis, Layton Mills and Claire Nomarhas at a dinner party on MAFS
Melinda divided viewers with her first appearance, but quickly became a fan favourite. Photo: Nine

However, after doing an audit of Melinda’s social media following, Yahoo Lifestyle can confirm her fans are genuine. The show is still airing in the UK, which is where many of her new followers are coming from.

Former Big Brother UK star Evelyn Ellis is also planning to turn her newfound fame into a successful career, planning to launch her new podcast Bad Grades in the near future.


Evelyn has gained a whopping 130,000 new followers since joining the show as an intruder bride, bringing her total to 204,000 followers.

The other contestants’ follower count pales in comparison, with Hugo Armstrong’s following a mere 9,500, Shannon Adams sitting at just 14,300 and Melissa Sheppard at 25,300.

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