MAFS' Melinda loses $245,000 days before filming wedding

The Married at First Sight star revealed the massive loss her business endured.

Married At First Sight bride Melinda Willis was forced to bin a quarter of a million dollars worth of products from her Feather Sisters brands in August last year.

Days before filming her wedding to Layton Mills, the entrepreneur posted an Instagram Story explaining she'd decided to bin $245,000 worth of stock as it wasn't up to her high standards.

“$245,000 worth of FS stock binned today because we care more about our customers than money in our pockets,” she wrote at the time.

“Our products need to be the highest quality or they won't be sold. Welcome to the world of business.”

Melinda on MAFS (left) and an Instagram Story showing a pile of boxes (right).
Melinda had to dispose of $245,000 worth of product before filming MAFS. Source: Instagram

Melinda is the CEO of Australian beauty brand Feather Sisters, director of fashion brand BSSA and owner of a salon and premium eyelash brand.

After filming wrapped, it was revealed Melinda actually offered a job to co-star and makeup artist Caitlin McConville at her business Melly's Beauty Parlour in Brisbane.


Photos of the pair outlining their qualifications have been posted to the business's website, with Caitlin listed as a senior technician who specialises in lashes and brows.

A source told Yahoo Lifestyle Caitlin was out of work after she was forced to quit her job to film the show, and she struggled to find work when season ten finished.

Caitlin wears an orange silk jumpsuit on MAFS.
Caitlin now works with Melinda after she struggled to find work following the show. Source: Instagram

"Melinda then offered to help her out as they've become very close since filming ended. She's got a huge soft side viewers haven't seen on the show yet," the source claimed.

It can be a struggle for MAFS stars after filming if they do have to quit their job to star in the show. Filming can last up to months if they choose to stay until the end.

Stars who appear on the reality show are only paid about $150 a day after they take leave from their jobs or are forced to quit to film MAFS.

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