MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Cast offer important advice for viewers watching the show

Married At First Sight alums reveal what they want viewers to think about when tuning in.

A number of memorable Married At First Sight brides and grooms have shared what they want viewers to keep in mind when watching the reality show.

The cast members spoke candidly during Yahoo’s All-Star MAFS Reunion about what it’s like receiving hate online and the important advice they’d give fans of the series before they post negative comments on social media.

MAFS' Evelyn Ellis and Al Perkins.
Several MAFS brides and grooms have shared their advice for viewers watching the show. Photos: Yahoo

Season 10 bride Evelyn Ellis says she believes it’s important for viewers to “keep an open mind” and not be “super judgemental” when they tune into MAFS.

“Try to understand the position that different people are in,” she shares. “And just go easy on one another.”

“I would say that humans are really multi-layered,” Janelle Han adds. “I think when you watch a reality show with such limited timing, it’s only a portion of a person. And so when you watch, don't assume that's who they are as a whole. There are so many layers.”


Fan favourite bride Selina Chhaur also shares that viewers need to remember that the participants “are human as well”.

“I hate hearing like, ‘Oh but you're the one who put yourself out there so you deserve the backlash’,” she says. “We're human too and we have our down days as well.

“So when those negative comments come through, we've all got pretty thick skin now but there are days when you read one and you're just like, ‘Ugh’. Just keep in mind, we are human too. Just be kind to one another.”

'Quite detrimental to other people'

Season nine groom Jack Millar says “there has to be a line” when it comes to what people write on social media about the show's cast members.

“I don't have a problem with people having opinions, that draws traction and that's fine, everyone has opinions in this world,” he remarks. “I don't agree with how far they take those opinions, to the point where it is things that never should exist in this world - messaging death threats, coming to Olivia’s house, things like that.

“If you want to have a little wine night and talk amongst your friends like, ‘Oh I f**king hate it when she did this, I loved it when he did that, what a f**king jerk’, whatever, it's fine. It’s a TV show and you're enjoying it, you do your thing. I don't think it should be taken to a point where it is quite abrasive and quite detrimental to other people.”

“Like, if you want to annihilate someone because of a TV show, keep it to your friends' group chat and s**t like that,” Olivia Frazer adds. “It shouldn't even make it online. I know that's living in a fantasy world but we see that, we see the negative comments that you write.”

MAFS' Hayley Vernon and Olivia Frazer.
Hayley Vernon says she finds it ‘comedic’ that people go out of their way to write negative comments about someone they’ve never met. Photo: Yahoo

'Joke's on them'

Season seven bride Hayley Vernon admits she now finds it “comedic” that people go out of their way to write negative comments about someone they’ve never met.

“I always say to people, it's almost like knocking on someone's door and delivering bad news,” she says. “Just don’t.

“It doesn't really affect me now because I'm so over it, but I almost feel sorry for the person doing it because if they have so much time in their day to go, ‘Hey, you are XYZ’ and just keep going and going and fighting someone else's battles and perpetuating all this negativity towards someone that they don't know, then you know what? Joke's on them. That's just a true reflection of them as an individual as opposed to the people that they're speaking about.”

Meanwhile, Al Perkins says his biggest piece of advice for fans of the show is: “If you've got nothing nice to say, don't say anything.

“And also don’t believe everything you read on the internet as well, like articles and stuff,” he adds. “Obviously believe everything you see on Yahoo, but that's about it.”

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