MAFS reunion: Janelle reveals surprising 'test' cast members must do pre-show

EXCLUSIVE: Janelle Han spills on what participants must do before filming MAFS.

Married At First Sight’s Janelle Han has shared an interesting insight into the casting process for Australia’s most popular reality TV show.

The season 10 bride, who previously told Yahoo Lifestyle she was first scouted for The Bachelor before applying for MAFS, shared that there are a number of ‘tests’ participants must pass before filming begins.

MAFS’ Evelyn Ellis, Janelle Han and Selina Chhaur.
MAFS’ Janelle Han has revealed what cast members must do before filming the reality show. Photos: Yahoo

She explained that on the same day she had to do a sexual health check-up, she was also asked to do a ‘duck walk’ to test her physicality.

“When I went to do the STI test they were like, ‘Can you do a duck walk?’, and I was like, ‘What do you mean?’,” she revealed during Yahoo’s All-Star MAFS Reunion.

“You had to squat on the floor and waddle.”


The duck walk test, also known as the Childress test, is a common exercise used to test balance, flexibility and agility and assess joint, muscle and bone health.

It is also one of the 25 exercises that make up the physical test applicants must pass to join the United States Armed Forces.

'I just knew I was on'

Speaking about her own application process, fellow season 10 bride Evelyn Ellis revealed that she had been asked to appear on MAFS for a few years before she eventually said ‘yes’.

“I was living in London for like six years and COVID happened, I had just broken up with my long-term boyfriend,” she detailed.

“I kept getting that yearly call, ‘How about this year Evelyn?’ and I'm like, ‘No, not in the right place’. I was dating here and there, things didn't really work out, and then I don't know, something in my gut just felt right this year. I was like, you know what? Yeah, let’s see how this goes, I am ready.”


Season seven bride Hayley Vernon also shared during Yahoo’s All-Star MAFS Reunion that her boss had submitted an application to appear on the show on her behalf, which helped land her an interview.

“One of the questions they asked was, ‘What’s more important to you, personality or looks?’,” she recalled. “And I'm like, ‘Well, personality, but he can’t have a head like a f**king kicked in Milo tin’.

“From that moment, I just knew I was on. Then I walked into my job a week later and I put in my notice because August was like three months away. And my boss was like, ‘Why are you quitting? You don't even know if you're on’, and I'm like, ‘No I'm definitely on’, and then I was on.”

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