MAFS reunion: Hayley Vernon reveals how the show changed her life

EXCLUSIVE: The season seven star opens up about the impact Married At First Sight has had on her life.

Out of all the brides and grooms who have appeared on Married At First Sight across its ten seasons, Hayley Vernon is definitely one of the cast members whose life has changed the most since their time on the show.

The season seven participant went from being a finance broker to one of the most popular adult stars in the country after she joined OnlyFans in August 2020. Not only has she earned a whopping $1.3 million on the platform, but she also won Best Newcomer Female Porn Star at the Adult Industry Choice Awards last year.

MAFS’ Hayley Vernon in a black dress / Hayley in Yahoo's studio.
MAFS’ Hayley Vernon says MAFS ‘completely changed’ her life. Photos: Instagram/hayleyvernon_ / Yahoo

Hayley opened up about the positive impact MAFS has had on her life during Yahoo’s All-Star MAFS Reunion.

“It's completely changed my life,” she shared. “Although I did go through a bit of s**t, I've just bought my first house at 36 and my life has changed tremendously.”


She continued: “I’ve been able to help my family, I've been able to invest money into my parents’ businesses when they were struggling and different things. I’m actually living my best f**king life and I f**king love it and I wouldn't swap it for the world.”

MAFS’ Selina Chhaur in Yahoo's studio / Selina on MAFS.
Selina Chhaur says MAFS helped her learn ‘so much’ about herself. Photo: Yahoo / Channel Nine

How MAFS changed Selina Chhaur's life

Season nine bride Selina Chhaur, who had a major physical transformation after the show when she dyed her blonde hair back to its natural colour and removed her blue contacts, also spoke candidly about how her MAFS experience helped her during Yahoo’s All-Star MAFS Reunion.

Post-show I learned so much about myself and self-worth,” she said. “I didn't realise how uncomfortable I was within my own skin. I had bleached blonde hair and I had my blue contacts in, and that's the only way that I would leave the house feeling beautiful.

“Growing up, I didn't switch on the TV and see anyone that looked like me or had any toys or superheroes that were Asian that were cool - even Sailor Moon had blonde hair and blue eyes herself.”


Selina went on to say that she hopes her appearance on MAFS helps viewers in their own journey to feel comfortable in their skin.

“Hopefully someone else can turn on their TV and be like, ‘Selina looks like me, her eyes are shaped like mine and that's beautiful’, and we're all beautiful in our own way,” she remarked.

There needs to be more diversity in general, but more Asian representatives in media. Now that I have this platform I have to put myself out there because I feel like I have a responsibility.”

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