MAFS reunion: Olivia Frazer shares her advice for the season 10 'villains'

EXCLUSIVE: The season nine bride offers tips to the cast members receiving hate online.

She was one of the most controversial participants on last year’s season of Married At First Sight, and now Olivia Frazer has shared her advice for the season 10 brides and grooms who might be copping backlash online.

The 29-year-old OnlyFans creator spoke openly about what it’s like receiving hate on social media and the tips she would offer those going through a similar situation during Yahoo’s All-Star MAFS Reunion.

MAFS’ Olivia Frazer / Harrison Boon
MAFS’ Olivia Frazer has shared her advice for the season 10 cast members who received hate online. Photos: Yahoo / Channel Nine

“I think the best advice I could give anybody who's copping backlash after the show is probably to keep your head down for a while,” she shared.

“Coming off the show and going through that sort of trauma, your brain is scrambled eggs, so you don't want to be speaking to the public while the iron is hot and you’re not able to articulate yourself properly.”


Olivia also explained why she decided not to watch the most recent season of MAFS when it aired on TV.

“I knew that I'd be way too triggered to watch it, having gone through what I went through with our season, and I knew that I didn't want to,” she said.

“And then when it actually premiered I was like, maybe I should watch it so I can use my voice and maybe stick up for cast members that are going to get a hard time. And it got to pressing play and I just couldn't do it. Like, I got the shakes and felt like I was going to be sick and I couldn't do it.”

MAFS stars Jackson Lonie and Olivia Frazer.
Olivia says her short-lived relationship with Jackson Lonie is one of the few reasons she’s grateful for her experience on MAFS. Photo: Channel Nine

'It took away more than it gave me'

Although she found her experience on MAFS to be overwhelmingly negative, Olivia shared that there are two reasons why she’s thankful for her time on the show.

“One is my relationship with Jackson [Lonie],” she detailed. “I would be remiss to not mention that because although it didn't last, it definitely raised the bar and the standards on how I want to be treated. So he did do a really good job for a really long time at treating me really lovely.

“And I am grateful for the platform in which I've been able to create something for myself. I wasn't given anything other than a platform from the show, it took away more than it gave me, but I feel like with the platform I'm able to do something for myself and save my own damn life.”

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