MAFS reunion: Evelyn and Janelle share honest thoughts on 'the edit'

EXCLUSIVE: The season 10 brides reveal whether they think 'the edit' actually exists.

Almost three weeks after this year’s season of Married At First Sight finished airing on TV, Evelyn Ellis and Janelle Han have shared their honest thoughts on the way they were portrayed on-screen.

The season 10 brides made a surprise appearance at Yahoo’s All-Star MAFS Reunion and spoke openly about their time on the show and whether they felt their experience was misrepresented on-air due to ‘the edit’.

MAFS’ Evelyn Ellis, Janelle Han and Selina Chhaur.
MAFS’ Evelyn and Janelle reveal what they really think about the way they were portrayed on TV. Photo: Yahoo

“For me, I know a lot of people talk about ‘the edit’ and how people are perceived, but I feel like it captures the main essence of the feeling of the room,” Evelyn said. “So I wasn't too shocked or blown away by the famous ‘edit’.

“I was like, yeah that happened, and obviously there was a steer in narration, but thoughts and feelings, I think it was pretty true to home - for me anyway.”


Janelle agreed with her co-star’s remarks and said the crux of her MAFS experience definitely came across on TV.

“I think a lot of things don't get shown because you're filming for so long, but if they had to pick the top line of what happened in most relationships, I think that was shown,” she shared. “It was pretty accurate on my end in terms of my story.

“It was definitely hard to watch, like I’m not a pretty crier,” she continued, before adding with a laugh, “It was the Botox! The Botox really makes you cry ugly.”

Hayley Vernon and Olivia Frazer reveal what they think of 'the edit'

Speaking about her MAFS experience and the way she was ‘edited’ on TV, season seven bride Hayley Vernon said she believes her time on the show was “definitely dramatised” for entertainment value.

“There were moments where I had red devil eyes from crying and then it went to normal and went to red, but the general gist is there,” she detailed.

“I am quite an outspoken loud person, so you definitely got that on camera. But at the end of the day, I said what I said, I did what I did - it's just what they choose to focus on. I'm a happy-go-lucky girl, but I can also be quite staunch and I can be quite opinionated.


“So what they're focusing on, that's a particular look into a certain component of my personality. That doesn't necessarily mean that that is an ‘edit’, that is just one foresight of who I am at that particular time. So I think it's kind of fair.”

Meanwhile, season nine bride Olivia Frazer shared that she doesn’t believe what was shown on TV was “an accurate representation” of her full character or her relationship with Jackson Lonie.

“Even when we were filming with the experts they would throw jabs, like at the last commitment ceremony, and they were saying things about my relationship and neither Jackson nor I understood, and it’s because they were saying things to fit into the ‘edit’ of the story that they were steering us down,” she remarked.

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