MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Jack Millar reveals major filming secrets from the show

The 2022 participant has shared an insight into what it's really like filming the show.

Former Married At First Sight star Jack Millar has shared an interesting insight into what it's really like filming the reality show.

The season nine groom, who made it all the way to the end of the experiment with his ‘wife’ Domenica Calarco but called it quits before the reunion, spoke candidly with Yahoo Lifestyle about being on the other side of the camera and what viewers wouldn't realise from watching the show at home.

MAFS' Jack Millar and Domenica Calarco.
MAFS' Jack Millar opens up about what it’s really like filming the reality show. Photo: Channel Nine

While he asserts he was “never made to say or do anything” on the show, there were certain occasions when he was asked to repeat himself.

“Sometimes there was only one camera there, so they had to just film me saying the same thing,” he explains.

“And that's fair enough, they literally only had one camera and one producer there so they just needed to flip it the other way. They would always let a conversation play out.

“My producer at the time would word for word verbatim write out a whole conversation as we were saying it, she was so fast... So they would pull out the key moments and say, 'Look, we just need you to say a couple of things which you already said, just so we can actually get you front on’.”


Jack adds that he was only asked to repeat things he had said during one-on-one conversations in his apartment or on the honeymoon.

“Everyone tries to forget this but it’s a TV show,” he remarks. “There’s a camera guy and an audio guy, that's how it works.

“It would never happen at dinner parties or commitment ceremonies because they had enough cameras to cover everything they need. And at the wedding, there were more cameras than I’d ever seen in my life.”

How much involvement do producers have on MAFS?

This comes after Jessika Power told Yahoo Lifestyle there were only a few times on her season of MAFS where scenes were ‘produced’.

“The only thing really, and it’s not really that exciting, is if Mick [Gould] and I were sitting in the room and we were talking about like, what do you want to have for breakfast or what do you want to do today, then the producers would step in,” she explained.

“They’d say, ‘No no no, boring, why don't we talk about what happened last night at the dinner party?’, and then your conversation is naturally flowing from there. But they give you a topic because people don't want to hear about what type of meals you’re eating.”

Nine Network’s executive producer John Walsh also told Yahoo Lifestyle that despite having a big team of people working behind the scenes, the show is “very hands-off”.

“The producer’s hand is very light on MAFS,” he shared. “We really rely on the cast and their storylines to develop organically, which is a bit scary because we don't have the luxury of The Bachelor or MasterChef where we know that there's going to be a format and a weekly elimination and we know that by the end of the season, we're going to have three couples left.

“With MAFS, technically we could lose all the couples at the first commitment ceremony. That’s one of the scary things, and we do fly by the seat of our pants quite a bit. We have had seasons where we completely lost four couples in one commitment ceremony very early on.”

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