MAFS' Selina reveals surprising details about the show's weddings

The season nine bride has shared an insight into the reality show.

Just over one year after tying the knot on national television, MAFS’ Selina Chhaur has opened up about what it’s really like getting married at first sight.

The fan-favourite bride, who was matched with Cody Bromley in last year’s season, tells Yahoo Lifestyle there are plenty of behind-the-scenes secrets and surprising details about the show's weddings that viewers would have no idea about.

MAFS’ Selina Chhaur at her wedding.
MAFS’ Selina Chhaur has shared behind-the-scenes details from her wedding. Photos: Channel Nine

Selina explains that she started getting ready for her wedding at midday, but didn’t get married until hours later.

“Obviously our wedding was shot at night, but what people didn't realise was it was shot at midnight,” she shares. “There was a lot of waiting around, I don’t think people understand.

“By the time you get to the wedding you have to do the whole walking down the aisle thing a few times, and then you’ve got to sit down and they’ve gotta get their shots... By the time we sat down, it was like two in the morning, I’d been in my dress for over 12 hours, I was starving, and the first thing I had in my tummy was champagne.”


She adds that after she and Cody sat down for dinner, they each got pulled away by producers to film piece-to-camera interviews and share their thoughts on how the evening was going.

“When they separate you and you go off and do your little private interviews, I got so paranoid that Cody could hear what I was saying,” she laughs. “I'm sure he was feeling the same way.

“But you actually get completely separated into different sections and you can't hear each other.”

MAFS’ Selina Chhaur and Cody Bromley at their wedding.
‘We had really good banter, they just didn't show any of it.’ Photo: Channel Nine


Selina went on to say that there was “so much” that happened at her wedding that never made it to air.

“We had really good banter, they just didn't show any of it,” she details. “I also had a Zoom chat with my bridesmaids that were meant to be there that never got shown.

“There is so much that gets filmed that doesn't get shown, so we actually didn't sleep that night. Our wedding went right until like, four or five o'clock in the morning. They’re long days. So for anyone that wants to apply, just be prepared that they are long, long, long days.”

While she doesn’t want to “blame editing”, Selina admits she didn’t like how her storyline at the wedding was only “half shown”.

“It kind of made it look like I was talking and laughing and giggling and looking at possums in the tree by myself,” she says. “But really we were bouncing off each other, and it was disappointing that they didn't show that.”


Speaking about her and Cody’s honeymoon, which had to take place in New South Wales due to Covid restrictions at the time, Selina reveals it only went for two nights.

“We were the last couple on our season to get married, so we literally went straight from the wedding to Palm Beach for the honeymoon,” she explains.

“They can't film all the weddings in one day, so some of the couples had longer honeymoons. And then because ours was right at the end we went straight from the wedding and honeymoon to the first dinner party.”

MAFS’ Selina Chhaur and Cody Bromley at their wedding.
Selina says she’s 'still very confused' to this day as to why she was matched with Cody. Photo: Channel Nine

'Very confused'

Despite making it all the way to the end of the experiment as a couple, Selina says she’s “still very confused” to this day as to why she was matched with Cody.

“I feel like the matching compatibility situation, with Cody and I anyway, was quite interesting,” she says. “I think in week two or three we did ask the experts, but even they kind of gave us a very vague answer as to why we were matched.

“I think for me, I was one of the oldest girls out of our season, and I know for a fact that they knew how much I wanted to get married and wanted to meet my soulmate.

“So for me, I feel like they were just like, ‘She really wants this so she'll be the most patient and tolerant. We’ll match her up with him because she will nurture him and be patient and spend that extra bit of time’. Whereas a lot of women probably would be like, ‘Batman sheets? I'm out of here!’.”

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