MAFS' Dom threatens legal action against co-stars in explosive video

Although it’s been more than six months since this year’s season of Married At First Sight came to an end, the feud between the cast members has been well and truly reignited this week.

After Domenica announced that she is hosting a brand new web series with Channel Nine where she interviews her co-stars about what they’ve been up to post-show, quite a few people have spoken out about the opportunity which has resulted in plenty of drama.

MAFS star Domenica Calarco.
Domenica Calarco has been announced as the host of a new MAFS spin-off show, which has subsequently reignited a feud amongst the cast. Photo: Channel Nine

How did the drama start?

On Tuesday the official Instagram page for MAFS shared a trailer for Dom’s spin-off series, titled ‘Dom’s Debrief’, which was met with criticism from a number of season nine participants.

Carolina Santos and Jackson Lonie commented that they had both blocked Dom’s number and therefore wouldn’t be appearing in the show, while Olivia Frazer hinted at favouritism from producers.

Olivia also called out the video for including a clip of one of her and Dom’s on-screen confrontations and therefore suggesting that she might be a part of the new show.


Abbie Chatfield then jumped in and defended Dom, saying that the others were simply jealous of the opportunities she has been given post-show.

“They’re jealous and they wish their career had the same outcome as Dom’s and now they think that if they gang up on her and bully her online then they will get more attention and everyone will start to dislike Dom, but it actually has the opposite effect,” she said.

“Just try and slay in your own lane, you know? That’s my opinion.”

Abbie Chatfield's Instagram Stories.
Abbie got involved with the MAFS drama and defended Dom while calling her co-stars ‘jealous’. Photos: Instagram/abbiechatfield

How did people respond?

Carolina took to her Instagram Story on Wednesday to respond to Abbie, asserting that no one was jealous of Dom and they all turned down the invitation to appear on the show because they find her to be “a toxic person” that they don’t want to communicate with.

“You said we were all ‘jealous’ and ‘desperate for attention’, but if that was the case, don’t you think we would all have said yes and benefitted from the extra 5-10 minutes of TV time?” she argued.

“We all disliked Dom because she used to come for everybody, attack everybody and meddle with everybody’s business in a very aggressive attacking way all for exposure, all for TV time. And that’s exactly what I think you do Abbie.

“That’s why you’re meddling in this situation that has nothing to do with you, and that’s why I think you two are a perfect match! Go be friends, besties, because you two are very alike.”

MAFS star Carolina Santos and Olivia Frazer's Instagram Stories.
Carolina Santos and Olivia Frazer both rejected Abbie’s claims that they were jealous. Photos: Instagram/carolinaschimidt / olivefrazer

‘It’s unacceptable and dangerous’

Olivia also addressed Abbie’s post and said there was “no jealousy whatsoever”, but the cast was simply confused that Channel Nine chose to work with someone who “has beef with a lot of people” which therefore limits who wants to be involved.

“We're an ensemble. The show wasn't a one woman monologue,” she wrote. “And when a proposed show is about catching up with cast members, wouldn't it be imperative that the whole cast want to be involved?”

She went on to say that she doesn’t have an issue with Dom and she’s “been nothing but encouraging” of the opportunities presented to her both publicly and privately.

“My issue is with the producers who chose to keep a violent individual on set and then has done nothing but promote that individual and as a result, encourage bullying and vitriol towards me, which was rehashed in yesterday's promo,” she added. “Using my voice and illusion of my involvement to create clickbait.

“I do not deserve to ‘die’ (like many of you in my inbox have suggested) because of my TV portrayal. And if you listen and watch me carefully, I don't and won't say anything bad about other individuals. I only critique the treatment of participants by MAFS producers. It's unacceptable and dangerous.”

MAFS star Olivia Frazer's Instagram Story.
Olivia said her main issue was with the ‘treatment of participants by MAFS producers’, which she described as ‘unacceptable and dangerous’. Photo: Instagram/olivefrazer

‘You do not know the half of it’

Jessica Seracino echoed Olivia and Carolina’s statements that there was no jealousy towards Dom, and also claimed that the Sit With Us podcast host “verbally abused and bullied” her on the show.

“I had no family or friends in Sydney and I would go back to my hotel and cry and vomit from how much stress my body was taking,” she added.

“While crying to the psychologist one night this psycho girl yelled abuse at me? While I was crying to the show’s psych… You do not know the half of it.”

MAFS star Domenica Calarco's Instagram Stories.
Dom clapped back at her co-stars’ claims and threatened legal action. Photos: Instagram/domenica.calarco

How did Dom respond?

Taking to TikTok, Dom first responded to Jessica’s claims and labelled them as “f**king ridiculous”.

“This boils my f**king blood to no avail because I would never do this, I would never scream at a person or abuse them when they’re crying and talking to the psychologist,” she said.

“I am sitting here shaking with rage now and sweating because of the pure lies of this, like, oh my god. Everyone was f**king there but of course, everyone that was there is going to say that I did this because they all hate me for some f**king reason. This never happened Jess… Seriously, just stop.”

In a separate video on her Instagram Story, Dom spoke directly to her co-stars while wearing a filter with the “devil horns”.

“This is targeted towards people that have blocked me because I’ve got no other way of contacting them because they all block me because they’re all f**king scared of me apparently and they don’t want to have any form of communication because they can’t handle it,” she began.

“Stop calling me violent, stop calling me abusive. Because if you keep doing that, you’ll be getting a f**king cease and desist in your inbox. I’ve got no other way of contacting you, so here you go. I hope all your little minions f**king send this to you in your DMs. Understand?”

She then posted a third video saying she won’t put up with women being labelled as ‘violent’ and ‘abusive’ because they are simply standing up for themselves, speaking their minds and having an opinion.

“I’m always going to call out this bulls**t,” she concluded.

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