MAFS' Carolina leaks email from Nine and slams Domenica

MAFS' Carolina Santos has leaked an email she was sent by Channel Nine where the reality star was asked to appear in a new show hosted by Domenica Calarco.

Carolina took to her Instagram Stories to share the email she received from Nine, where they share they are "running an exclusive series" which would be a "MAFS followup in the lead up to the new season".

MAFS' Carolina Santos and Domenica Calarco
MAFS' Carolina Santos has slammed Domenica Calarco after sharing a leaked email to be involved with a new Nine show. Photo: Nine

The show would see Dom FaceTiming other contestants about life since MAFS, how they are handling their new-found success and what they are doing now.

"It will be very lighthearted and a casual conversation around 2-5 mins," the email reads.


"Some of us got this email from [the] MAFS team," Caroline wrote. "Mmm nah thanks, I'm not desperate for an extra 5min (sic).

"Also when [is it] ever lighthearted with this person?" she added, speaking about Dom.

Carolina's Instagram Stories
Carolina slammed both Nine and Domenica in her Instagram Stories. Photo:

She then went on to write, "Conclusion: had to block this chick after she kept talking to herself [in] my DMs and MAFS think I would want to have a FaceTime catch up with her?"

Carolina then shared a screenshot of her DMs where Dom can be seen messaging Carolina and replying to her Instagram Stories, despite the fact Carolina isn't replying.

Carolina proves she wanted to be honest with Dion

It comes after Carolina also proved that she wanted to come forward and be honest with her 'husband' Dion Giannnarelli about her affair with Daniel Holmes on the show.

Carolina shared audio recordings to her Stories, where an unnamed producer tells her she can't come clean with Dion.

She also revealed the reason she was coming forward with this information now is that she's receiving hate "all over again" as the show is airing in other countries around the world.

MAFS' Carolina and Dion
Carolina also proved that she wanted to come forward and be honest with her 'husband' Dion Giannnarelli about her affair with Daniel Holmes on the show. Photo: Nine

"I feel like I’ve been taking the blame for something I did not do," she said. "I wanted to tell him. I wanted to be honest. I just wasn’t allowed to."

In one phone recording, Carolina and someone who seems to be a MAFS producer, talk about what is happening with the reality star, saying she doesn't want to "blind Dion completely".

"I would like to invite him over or go over to his place. Just say like, ‘Look, I’m really sorry but I knew from the get-go that you weren’t really for me and this kind of happened and I see a chance of finding love there and that’s why I came here, so I’m going for it'," she said.

"I would like to tell him one-on-one and I would actually love if that happened today."

The person on the phone told her that it wasn't up to them, with Carolina adding that she'd been bringing it up for over a week.

What we ended up seeing on the show was that Dion was, in fact, blindsided when Carolina and Daniel entered a commitment ceremony together.

While Carolina and Daniel dated after the show aired, they announced their split last month.

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