MAFS' Olivia weighs in on latest cast feud: 'They wanted publicity'

Married At First Sight star Olivia Frazer has shared her thoughts on the feud between her co-stars Tamara Djordjevic and Kate Laidlaw, who had an awkward confrontation at Brent Vitiello and Daniel Holmes’ boxing event over the weekend.

As Yahoo Lifestyle previously revealed, Tamara told Kate to “f**k off to her own table” at the event which reportedly caused a major divide between all of the girls in attendance.

MAFS’ Olivia Frazer.
MAFS’ Olivia Frazer has shared her thoughts on the feud between Tamara Djordjevic and Kate Laidlaw. Photo: Matrix/Supplied

Tamara later took to Instagram to explain the reason behind the outburst, saying they were no longer friends because Kate spoke to various media outlets about her following a wild girls’ night out in April where she ‘prank called’ and left abusive messages to Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding.

“I dislike Kate because she openly spoke to media about us girls when we had invited her out with us, saying we were embarrassing and that she regret being with us,” she commented on The Wash's Instagram post.

“So why would she want to come over to our table if she dislikes us... I can't stand fake s**t and if you want to be that way don't expect not to get a reaction.”


Now, Olivia has shared her opinion on the feud during an Instagram Q&A, saying that Kate “brought it on herself”.

“She and her sister (Bec) had no reason being anywhere near that table,” she argued. “They had said some not very nice things about people who were seated at that table, so why they were hanging around is beyond me. I assume it’s because they wanted the publicity and the photo ops, but I’m not them, so I don’t know.

“They were asked to leave nicely once and they didn’t, and that’s why it escalated. So the bottom line is that when you talk s**t about people and you say some very unkind things about people and then try to buddy up to them and use them for publicity and get in shots and be all thirsty like that, you’re probably going to be told to f**k off.”

MAFS’ Tamara Djordjevic and Kate Laidlaw.
Tamara explained that she is no longer friends with Kate because she spoke out about her in the media. Photos: Matrix/Supplied

What has Kate said?

On Sunday Kate spoke out about the incident on her Instagram Story and explained her side of the story, asserting that she had “no interest in talking to Tamara or being at their table”.

“I was just saying hello to Anthony [Cincotta] and his gf,” she wrote. “As an adult I was choosing to be civil and pleasant at a public event, clearly she couldn’t do the same.

“I’ve never been treated so badly. Watching some of the other cast members laugh at her behaviour was truly hurtful. Adult women being mean girls and bullying is not cool, it’s embarrassing.”

Who else has weighed in?

Intruder bride Jessica Seracino recently decided to “shed some light on the situation” in an Instagram comment, arguing that Tamara’s actions were valid because she and Kate never hashed things out.

“Tamara had every reason to be upset because a lot was brought onto her from what transpired from Kate and Bec going to the media,” she wrote. “It fuelled a fire that could have affected her livelihood and fed into very serious and untrue allegations.

“If they apologised then I’m sure Tamara would have been nice and civilised, but to hang around her and stand next to her and sit at her table would make anyone irritated.”

Jessica went on to say that nobody wants anyone to be upset, but Kate should have apologised before trying to “hang around someone you’ve purposely hurt”.

“Hopefully in the future we can all talk and squash our issues and learn from this,” she concluded.

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