MAFS boxing match chaos: The good, the bad and the ugly

👍 The Good: Fighting for a noble cause

👎 The Bad: MAFS stars injured

😡 The Ugly: Feud reignites outside the ring

There was plenty of drama amongst the Married At First Sight cast over the weekend when they reunited for the first time since filming to attend a celebrity boxing match in Melbourne.

As well as fighting inside the ring, with Brent Vitiello and Daniel Holmes facing off and Jackson Lonie and Sam Carraro going head-to-head, there were also a number of awkward moments between former contestants in the crowd.

MAFS stars raise money for charity

While the boxing match allowed TV rivals to settle their differences once and for all, it also provided an opportunity to raise money for charity.

Brent, who lost his fight against Daniel after three one-minute rounds, donated his portion of the ticket sales to the mental health charity It’s Okay, Not To Be Okay.

Daniel chose not to donate any of the ticket sales to charity and instead pledged to donate twenty per cent of his total prize money to an unnamed organisation, with the remaining eighty per cent going towards his coach.

Yahoo Lifestyle understands the prize money is between $5000 and $10,000.

Meanwhile, Jackson donated his portion of the event’s ticket sales to Coast Shelter, a community housing operator providing accommodation for people who are homeless or experiencing domestic and family violence on the Central Coast.

MAFS' Brent Vitiello and Daniel Holmes boxing.
Daniel, who won his fight against Brent, promised to donate 20 per cent of his prize money to charity. Photo: Matrix/Supplied


MAFS stars injured, knocked out

During the MAFS event, Brent was photographed with a bruised and bleeding face while Jackson completely knocked out Sam in round three of their fight.

It goes without saying that boxing is one of the world’s most dangerous sports and can lead to injuries like cuts, bruises, broken ribs and teeth, internal bleeding and head traumas.

Nearly 90 per cent of all boxers will suffer a brain injury at some point during their career, according to the Association of Neurological Surgeons. Boxers are also more susceptible to brain diseases like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

“It is just repetitive trauma to the head – like whiplash on a daily basis,” Dr Luis Villaplana said. “The brain has very little space to move inside the skull. It is never good to have repetitive trauma on an encased organ.”

When Yahoo Lifestyle reached out to Daniel for comment about the dangers associated with boxing, he said he takes it “very seriously“ and understands the risks involved, but is keen to fight again as he values “the challenge” and the competitive nature of the sport.

MAFS' Brent Vitiello and Sam Carraro.
Brent finished his fight with a bruised and bleeding face, while Sam was knocked out. Photos: Matrix/Supplied


Tamara and Kate’s feud blows up

One of the biggest fights of the night took place amongst the audience when Tamara Djordjevic told Kate Laidlaw to “f**k off” and “go back to [her] own f**king table”.

It is believed the co-stars ended their friendship following a wild girls’ night out in April, where Tamara ‘prank called’ and left abusive messages to Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding, and Kate subsequently spoke out about her in the media.

On Sunday evening Kate took to social media to address the boxing incident, explaining that she had “no interest in talking to Tamara or being at their table” and simply wanted to say hello to co-star Anthony Cincotta and his partner.

“As an adult I was choosing to be civil and pleasant at a public event, clearly she couldn’t do the same,” she said. “Adult women being mean girls and bullying is not cool, it’s embarrassing.”

Tamara also shared her side of the story in a since-deleted comment on Instagram, writing: “Why would she want to come over to our table if she dislikes us... I can't stand fake s**t and if you want to be that way don't expect not to get a reaction.”

MAFS’ Tamara Djordjevic and Kate Laidlaw.
MAFS’ Tamara Djordjevic and Kate Laidlaw had an awkward reunion at the boxing match on Saturday. Photos: Matrix/Supplied


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