MAFS' Daniel calls out Abbie Chatfield in bizarre feud: 'Washed up'

In what’s become one of the most random feuds of 2022, Abbie Chatfield and Married At First Sight groom Daniel Holmes are currently fighting on social media.

The two reality TV stars both spoke out about one another on their Instagram Stories on Tuesday evening after clashing in the comments section of a recent MAFS post announcing Domenica Calarco’s new spin-off web series.

MAFS' Daniel Holmes and Abbie Chatfield.
Daniel Holmes and Abbie Chatfield are currently feuding on social media after she called out the MAFS cast for being 'jealous' of Domenica Calarco. Photos:

The series, which features Dom calling some of her fellow MAFS participants to “catch up on all the goss”, was met with a negative response from a large number of season nine participants who called out ‘favouritism’ from production.

Abbie later added her own comment on the post, writing: “The jealousy from ex-contestants in these comments is so funny.”

Daniel then replied to the radio host and said “zip it dork”, who responded with, “I have literally no idea who you are lmao”.


In an Instagram Q&A shortly after, Daniel then doubled down on his dislike towards Abbie and described her as “washed up”.

“She was just some chick that commented on a MAFS post that has nothing to do with her,” he said.

“She’s a washed up chick from Bachelor or something and then just bit the formula for Call Her Daddy and made a podcast, and she came in freakin’ guns blazing on a MAFS post that she has nothing to do with.

“I was like, if you’re coming at us, I’m just going to throw heat straight back at you. It’s pretty simple.”

MAFS star Daniel Holmes and Abbie Chatfield's Instagram Stories.
Daniel and Abbie both posted Instagram Stories on Thursday night talking about their drama. Photos: Instagram/_danielholmes_ / abbiechatfield

‘Just try and slay in your own lane’

Abbie also took to her Instagram Story to say that while she would normally “choose peace”, she had plenty of opinions about the drama amongst the MAFS cast.

“So firstly, some man who I couldn’t pick out in a lineup of two, even one, replied and was like, ‘zip it dork’ or ‘dweeb’ or something, I don’t care,” she said.

“They were all getting very upset in the comments that I called out their jealousy.”

The Masked Singer star then went on to say that people don’t understand the level of jealousy contestants on a reality TV show can feel when someone from the cast receives opportunities they would like to have, admitting that she had a similar experience to Dom after The Bachelor.

“It’s just very transparent people from MAFS are just very jealous of Dom and the opportunities that she’s gotten,” she continued.

“It’s not a case of ‘Well there must be a reason why everyone doesn’t like her’. Yeah, the reason is they’re jealous and they wish their career had the same outcomes as Dom’s and now they think that if they gang up on her and bully her online then they will get more attention and everyone will start to dislike Dom, but it actually has the opposite effect.

“Just try and slay in your own lane, you know? That’s my opinion.”

The pair first butted heads online ahead of Daniel’s fight against Brent Vitiello over the weekend when Abbie asked her Instagram followers why so many male reality TV stars participate in ‘celebrity’ boxing matches.

Daniel promptly responded on his Instagram Story, calling Abbie “dumb” and “cooked” while arguing that public figures in all sorts of fields take part in the sport.

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