MAFS' Caitlin reveals text from Shannon's ex during filming: 'Upset'

The Married At First Sight bride says there was a major moment in the experiment that never aired on TV.

Married At First Sight’s Caitlin McConville had one of the most disastrous marriages on this year’s season of the reality show after her ‘husband’ Shannon Adams admitted he was still in love with his ex just one week after their wedding.

And while the couple officially called it quits and left the show during Sunday night’s explosive commitment ceremony, Caitlin tells Yahoo Lifestyle there was a major moment from her time in the experiment that viewers didn’t get to see.

MAFS’ Caitlin McConville crying.
MAFS’ Caitlin McConville reveals Shannon’s ex-fiancée contacted her during the experiment. Photos: Channel Nine

The 27-year-old makeup artist reveals that Shannon’s ex-fiancée Jamea, whom he shares a daughter with, contacted her during filming.

“She messaged me on the show and she was quite upset, but I didn't reply,” Caitlin says.

“She reached out about how she was feeling about it all, but I don't want to be inserting myself into their relationship.”


While Caitlin confirms she hasn’t heard from Shannon post-show, she hopes he and Jamea are happy together.

“If it’s true that he’s back with his ex, I wish them both the best and I hope they can make it work,” she remarks. “There’s no hate here.”

MAFS’ Shannon and Caitlin.
Caitlin says she hasn’t heard from Shannon since filming wrapped. Photo: Channel Nine

The fight that didn’t air on TV

This comes after Caitlin told Yahoo Lifestyle she and Shannon had a fight during the experiment that never made it to air.

“We did have an argument the weekend before he told me he wasn’t attracted to me,” she said, adding that they filmed it on their personal ‘diary cam’ but it wasn’t shown.

“I just felt like I was putting in the effort and he wasn’t. He pretty much just character-assassinated me and it was the first time he had actually seen me cry.”


Another scene that was cut was Caitlin’s turn in the photo ranking challenge after Shannon ranked her second but brutally moved her to third place upon further consideration.

“I put him about the same position that he put me,” she admitted.

“I didn't want to be nasty and I didn’t want to retaliate in any way. I feel like the situation was bad enough as it was and I didn't want to do anything that was going to exacerbate it, but I also don’t think he was too happy with where I placed him.”

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