MAFS' Bronte becomes first 2023 bride to join OnlyFans: 'You asked for it'

The Married At First star joins a number of reality stars to join the site.

MAFS star Bronte Schofield has become the first of the 2023 stars to join OnlyFans, with the reality star taking to Instagram to announce the news.

"You asked for it," the 28-year-old wrote alongside two snaps of herself in a bikini during a holiday in Bali.

MAFS 2023 star Bronte Schofield
MAFS 2023 star Bronte Schofield has become the first bride from her season to join OnlyFans a few months after the show finished airing. Photo: Instagram/Bronte Schofield

Bronte's co-stars and former MAFS stars loved her post, with Lyndall Grace sharing her support of Bronte, writing, "If I wasn't queer already, this certainly did the trick."

"YESSS YOU QUEEN," Olivia Frazer, who also has an OnlyFans account, added.

"Jaw dropping," Janelle Han wrote alongside a fire emoji.


"Smart move," Daniel Holmes added.

"[Queen] still wears the [crown]," Beck Zemek commented, adding, "#Subscribingnow."

When one user sarcastically wrote that they were surprised, Bronte jokingly responded, "Why else would I go on MAFS."

Others commented that Bronte is "absolutely stunning" and "beautiful".

MAFS' Bronte in a bikini
Bronte's co-stars and former MAFS stars loved her post, with many sharing their support in the comments. Photo: Instagram/Bronte Schofield

The reality star shared a second post wearing a bikini with the caption reading, "Still busy showing off in my bikini.. or without."

"SHE'S SLAYINGGGG" Caitlin McConville wrote.

"Holy f*** this looks like a movie," Lyndall added.

"Queeeeen," Alyssa Barmonde commented.

Bronte charges $25.99 for a monthly subscription to her OnlyFans, with the reality star writing, "You asked for it, so here we are. I don't intend to disappoint... And don't mind me, I'm just busy showing off without my bikini."

Bronte reveals what viewers never saw on MAFS

MAFS' Harrison Boon and Bronte Schofield
It comes after Bronte insinuated very little of her relationship with 'husband' Harrison Boon was shown on TV. Photo: Nine

It comes after Bronte was asked in an Instagram Q&A if there were any moments on the show she wished people got to see on TV but didn’t.

“Uhhh my actual relationship,” she replied alongside a laughing emoji.

“All the happy moments of [Harrison Boon] and I were completely cut out, it wasn't a true representation at all (only the bad parts) which is why it looked SO bad when I stayed because it looked inauthentic and fake when it was far from it!”


Bronte also spoke about her friendships with her season 10 co-stars and revealed who she is still close with after filming the show.

“I speak to Lyndall every day, she gets front row sways to my dramatic life,” she wrote. “I truly got a bestie out of it all and I'm so happy!

“I speak mainly to the girls, but Sandy [Jawanda] has also been there for me like no other! A true angel, I’m very grateful for the friendships I formed regardless of my terrible time on the experiment.”

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