MAFS' Olivia Frazer reveals dark side of lucrative OnlyFans career

The season nine bride joined OnlyFans in May last year.

Married At First Sight’s Olivia Frazer has opened up about the 'dark side' of having a career on OnlyFans that people would have no idea about.

The 29-year-old joined the adult subscription-based platform in May last year, shortly after her season of the reality show finished airing, and earned an eye-watering $500,000 in her first four months.

MAFS’ Olivia Frazer posing in lingerie.
MAFS’ Olivia Frazer has opened up about the ‘dark side’ of OnlyFans. Photos: Instagram/olivefrazer

Despite the enormous pay cheque, however, Olivia tells Yahoo Lifestyle that OnlyFans isn’t as glamorous as some might think.

“I think the downside is people are very entitled, so I do get the occasional message where it's like, ‘show us p***y’ or ‘give me a sex tape’,” she shares.

“And it’s like, I don't do that and I don't do that, so you gotta settle for what I’m providing. This is my account. Just because you pay $15 a month does not mean that you can expect that from me.”


Olivia says she initially decided to join OnlyFans to show off her large collection of lingerie and didn’t realise how soon she would have to adapt her content.

“When you sign up to OnlyFans thinking it’s just going to be lingerie photos and pretty tame, you get pretty pressured pretty quickly,” she shares.

“I think I was on it for like three days and I was like, oh I guess I've gotta show my boobs now because people wanted it. I was like, you’re paying money to be here so I guess I have to now. The pressure gets you.”

MAFS’ Olivia Frazer posing in lingerie.
Olivia says she signed up to OnlyFans thinking she would just be sharing lingerie photos. Photo: Instagram/olivefrazer

'People are sick'

The reality star went on to share that she’s since set boundaries with her subscribers about what she will and won’t post in order to deal with the constant pressure.

“I really had to say to myself, ‘I’m not doing a sex tape’,” she says. “I've done a few, like Jackson [Lonie] and I have done video oral videos and things like that and we filmed a sex tape, but I just can’t bring myself to post it. I think it's just what I couldn't do to my family.

“My first week on OnlyFans I had an open leg shot that I put out, and it was pretty dark so you couldn't really see everything. But my uncle went to a business dinner and somebody was like, ‘Hey, your niece is on OnlyFans’ and showed him that photo. People are sick.

“For my uncle to have to sit there and take that, I just couldn't do, ‘Oh here’s a video of your niece getting f**ked’. I couldn’t live with my family seeing that.”

MAFS’ Olivia Frazer posing in lingerie.
Olivia earned $500,000 during her first four months on OnlyFans. Photo: Instagram/olivefrazer

'Only love'

On the flip side, Olivia says she’s grateful to her OnlyFans subscribers for helping her get through one of the darkest periods in her life.

“When I started in May I was getting online hate and just barrages of the most awful things you’ve ever seen written,” she details. “Then I found this app that I can open and it's only love from people who see my point of view or just think I’m hot or whatever.

“The messages I was getting on OnlyFans to Instagram were polar opposites, and I needed that. It was really a lifeline of a supportive community.”


She adds that she plans on being smart with the money she's earned from the platform and she's already invested in property with her mum and brother.

“I’m trying not to be too spoiled or take anything for granted,” she says. “I’ve bought a couple of secondhand bags, but nothing extravagant. I’m still driving my little s**tty Suzuki.

“I’m just sitting on it until I want a good investment because I know that I will never make this kind of money as quickly again. I hope I do make this money again but I know it won’t happen as quickly, so I’m just trying to be really clever and save it.”

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