MAFS' Bronte reveals what viewers didn't get to see on TV: 'So bad'

The season 10 bride has spilled on her MAFS experience in a juicy Instagram Q&A.

Married At First Sight’s Bronte Schofield has opened up about her time on the reality show and revealed what viewers didn’t get to see from her relationship with Harrison Boon.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday evening, the 28-year-old online beauty educator answered a number of questions from her followers after regaining access to her social media.

MAFS' Bronte Schofield wearing a yellow dress.
Bronte Schofield spilled on her MAFS experience during an Instagram Q&A. Photo: Channel Nine

One fan asked if there were any moments on the show Bronte wishes people got to see on TV but didn’t.

“Uhhh my actual relationship,” she replied alongside a laughing emoji.

“All the happy moments of H and I were completely cut out, it wasn't a true representation at all (only the bad parts) which is why it looked SO bad when I stayed because it looked inauthentic and fake when it was far from it!”


Bronte also spoke about her friendships with her season 10 co-stars and revealed who she is still close with after filming the show.

“I speak to Lyndall [Grace] every day, she gets front row sways to my dramatic life,” she wrote. “I truly got a bestie out of it all and I'm so happy!

“I speak mainly to the girls, but Sandy [Jawanda] has also been there for me like no other! A true angel, I’m very grateful for the friendships I formed regardless of my terrible time on the experiment.”

MAFS' Bronte Schofield answering questions on her Instagram Story.
‘I’m very grateful for the friendships I formed regardless of my terrible time on the experiment.’ Photos: Instagram/_bronteschofield

'The best version of myself'

A number of followers asked Bronte about her current relationship status and whether she is still in contact with Harrison.

“Let me squish this now, I am very much single and very happy about it!” she shared. “I don't jump into a new relationship to avoid healing, I do the work, I take accountability for the downfalls I might have caused in my relationship so I can be the best version of myself!

“I have been working on loving myself foremost before entering anything new and it has been the most liberating and intense journey I've ever endured, I have come so far and the next relationship I enter into I plan to be the best version of myself.”

She also confirmed that she and Harrison haven't spoken since they left the experiment and she “intends on keeping it that way”.

MAFS' Harrison and Bronte at the commitment ceremony.
Bronte says she and Harrison haven’t spoken since they left the experiment. Photo: Channel Nine

Bronte's advice for future participants

In another Instagram Story, Bronte offered her advice for anyone who is considering applying for next year’s season of MAFS.

“Trust your gut, no matter what anyone else says, no matter what you feel, your gut never lies!” she detailed. “Stay true to your values and don't let anyone walk all over you, if it seems off, it generally is! Be prepared for ANYTHING.

“There is nothing I can say to make anyone prepared as everyone's journey is different but take it from me - if you love your life and are happy with who you are, love will eventually find you, you don't need to risk it for the five per cent chance of finding someone on TV!”

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