MAFS' Tori speaks out after Jack's X-rated confession: 'Grow up'

EXCLUSIVE: Here's what Tori really thinks about Jack's surprising fetish.

Married At First Sight’s Jack Dunkley surprised his partner Tori Adams during Intimacy Week when he admitted he’s into “golden showers”.

A golden shower - which has also been referred to as “watersports” by fellow bride Lauren Dunn - is defined as the practice of urinating on a partner or having a partner urinate on you for sexual pleasure.

MAFS’ Jack and Tori doing the new ‘Yes/No/Maybe’ task.
MAFS’ Jack and Tori took part in a new ‘Yes/No/Maybe’ task during intimacy week. Photo: Channel Nine

The topic of conversation came up when Jack and Tori took part in the new ‘Yes/No/Maybe’ task for Intimacy Week, which allows couples to learn more about the turn-ons, fantasies and sexual activities they both enjoy and want to engage in.

Jack’s confession wasn’t too surprising given the fact he’s described himself as a “dominant lover” on the show, however, Tori said golden showers are a “massive ick”.

“Absolutely not. It’s something that I would consider unnecessary to the highest degree,” she shared.

“I’m gonna change your life. It’s not that bad,” Jack told Tori, to which she replied, “What’s wrong with you?”.


While Tori was clearly taken aback by Jack’s comment during the episode, even telling him he needs to “go to church”, it appears she may have since changed her stance.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle about Jack’s ‘fetish’, Tori said she is “not in the game of kink-shaming”.

“Look, it’s 2024, let’s just grow up,” she remarked. “There are people that are sacrificing baby animals in their sex lives. F**k me, grow up.”

It’s unknown how common golden showers are in 2024, but an Australian survey from 2014 showed that 3.8% of men were interested in the act. Meanwhile, 'watersports' was ranked the ninth most popular sexual fetish in the UK in a 2017 nationwide Great British Sex survey.

Tori speaks out about her 'edit'

Tori’s comments come shortly after she told Yahoo Lifestyle that she believes the portrayal of her character has been “pretty disappointing” so far.

“I feel like I come across quite silenced and quite uncomfortable and quite submissive in a way of not being able to speak up. That's not me at all,” she details. “I am not afraid to speak up, I am quite outspoken and happy to share any thoughts.

“I'm not a victim, I'm not this helpless, poor sod that needs the nation to stand behind me. I'm great, I'm fine. We're just getting done real dirty with how they’re showing it on TV, and it's really disappointing. But it is what it is, you know, it's TV and I signed up to it.”

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