MAFS 2024 leaked pictures show huge spoiler after cast 'walk out and quit'

EXCLUSIVE: Three new intruder couples are set to take on MAFS after producers lost numerous cast members early in the season.

The upcoming 11th season of Married At First Sight will feature three intruder couples after producers “lost so many cast members so early into the season”.

Yahoo Lifestyle has obtained photos of a new intruder couple recently saying "I do" at Oatlands House Estate in New South Wales.

The groom is Ash Galati, a pest control worker from Melbourne who loves Thai boxing, while his bride is yet to be named.

The nuptials come over a month into production of the show, with the first weddings spotted being filmed back in late July and early August.

MAFS 2024 intruder couple
MAFS 2024 is said to have three intruder couples, including Melbourne groom Ash Galati. Photos: Matrix

Just last week, First Dates star and professional weightlifter Ridge Barredo filmed his intruder wedding, and Mike Felix filmed his same-sex intruder wedding after reports that his initial match quit days before their ceremony was due to be filmed.


Tensions high for MAFS 2024

MAFS 2024 intruder couple
MAFS 2024 will feature a same-sex intruder couple. Photo: Matrix

Reports have been circling for nearly two months now that Season 11 of MAFS is full of drama behind-the-scenes as well as on-screen.

Yahoo Lifestyle exclusively reported at the start of August that a producer was spotted screaming profanities during one of the first weddings filmed, while it's also been reported that the show bosses are already "unhappy" with many of the participants for the 2024 season after their identities were leaked before filming their weddings.

Just last week, Yahoo Lifestyle also obtained exclusive footage of 2024 groom Tim Smith walking out of filming last week and being quickly followed by a cameraman and producer.

An insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle that early storylines on the upcoming season 'feel stagnant and repetitive' compared to previous seasons – with early drama 'being centred around one groom dumping his girlfriend to appear on the show'.


2023 MAFS stars struggling as influencers

The 2023 MAFS cast are reportedly struggling to make it as full-time influencers. Photo:
The 2023 MAFS cast are reportedly struggling to make it as full-time influencers. Photo:

This chaos comes after reports that the 2023 MAFS stars have struggled to make it as full-time influencers, proving to be less popular than their predecessors, while competing in a 'saturated' market.

"The cast this year has produced a couple of standout stars but mostly the public seem over the reality TV-to-influencer route and haven't engaged as much. The market is saturated, no one is really doing anything different anymore and with everyone feeling the cost of living crisis – the last thing people want to see spammed on their newsfeed is the Married At First Sight cast flaunting their lifestyle or bragging about how much they're making," a source told Yahoo Lifestyle.

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