MAFS 2024: Our predictions based on leaked snaps of first dinner party

Our first eight Married At First Sight couples have shot the first dinner party for the 2024 season.

The 2024 season of MAFS has officially been filming for about two weeks now, with eight couples ready to take on the experiment.

It appears as though the couples have already filmed their first dinner party, with all eight newlywed couples being sighted as they entered the building to meet each other.

While we don't know too much about the couples at this stage, there are a few assumptions one might make after seeing these photos, so let's take a look at who I think will make it and who is destined to leave solo.

Couple One

MAFS 2024 - Couple One
The first of our MAFS 2024 couples sadly, don't appear to have any vibes between them. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

Look, to be honest, we can't see too much of these two, who have yet to be identified, but from the little we can see, I'm not feeling any real *vibes* between them. However, he does appear to have a cheeky smile, so maybe things will start off OK with these two. My guess is that they'll have zero chemistry but continue through until the final vows and split up there.


Couple Two

MAFS 2024 - Couple Two
Cassandra from Couple Two seems to be more into this than her groom. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

I feel like bride, Cassandra Allen, is really excited about this dinner party, and her groom would rather be playing Call of Duty at home with the boys, but he did offer a hand as she got out of the car, and they continued holding hands as they walked in, so maybe I'm wrong? Once again, I'm not feeling a vibe between these two, my guess is they don't make it and leave halfway through.

Couple Three

MAFS 2024 - Couple Three
Couple Three's Jayden Eynaud and Eden Harper look like they may be Mitch and Ella 2.0. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

Mitch Eynaud's brother Jayden, a professional kickboxer, and his bride Eden Harper look to me like Mitch and Ella Ding 2.0. They look to be having a great old time, although there was one awkward moment where it looked like Jayden went in to hold hands and she didn't seem to notice – oops! If he's anything like Mitch, I'm a bit confused as to why he'd agree to go on the show in the first place, but I'm thinking these guys make it to the end but probably shouldn't.

Couple Four

MAFS 2024 - Couple 4
Couple 4 looks like they're very comfortable with each other. Photo: Supplied/Matrix
MAFS 2024 - Couple Four butt grab
They are giving us vibes that they have already consummated their marriage, thanks to this cheeky butt grab. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

OK, these guys are giving me the vibe that they may have already consummated their marriage and are very at ease around each other – as we can see from this cheeky butt grab. I think Alessandra Rampolla will love these guys. I'm also confused as to why he has a backpack, has he brought things to keep himself busy while the drama heats up? I hope we find out. Anyway, I am picking these guys to go all the way to the end.

Couple Five

MAFS 2024 - Couple Five
Our older couple didn't appear to be as happy together as they were on their wedding day. Photo: Supplied/Matrix
MAFS 2024 - Couple Five bride
Andrea's only laughs came while chatting to a producer or runner. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

Our older couple! Richard Sauerman and Andrea Thompson appeared to be getting along really well at their wedding (pics here), but they didn't look to be as happy at the prospect of attending their first dinner party – maybe he heard they don't serve the pinot he likes? Andrea's only laughs came while chatting to someone behind the scenes, but otherwise, she didn't seem too keen to be in Richard's company. My guess is that Andrea is too fun for Richard with her pink hair and colourful wardrobe, and he can't handle it, so they'll break up within the first few weeks.

Couple Six

MAFS 2024 - Couple Six
Couple 6 look so happy together, I have high hopes for them. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

These two are so into each other, and it was obvious from their wedding how happy they were to be matched together. It's also very clear that they are both high-energy people (perhaps annoyingly?), and I feel like they will be so excited about the dinner party. Not only did they hold hands as they walked in, but they used their time waiting outside to DANCE together, AND they were wearing matching outfits! You can't make this stuff up, I love them already. I'm predicting these two will get married for real and have a baby within a few years.

Couple Seven

MAFS 2024 - Couple Seven
This couple looks like they might be friends, but definitely no more than that. Photo: Supplied/Matrix
MAFS 2024 - Awkward bride
This bride is giving off awkward vibes with her body language. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

This couple looks like they might be friends, but definitely no more than that. I'm picking up awkward vibes from her body language – that, or she needs to pee, I can't tell. These two surely don't make it past the first few weeks, sorry.

Couple Eight

MAFS 2024 - Couple Eight
This groom has already had one controversy, and for some reason, I don't think it's his last. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

Our second man-bun of the group, Jacob Dunkley, has already faced some controversy after a woman named Courtney claims he dumped her for the show. Jacob and his bride Tori Adams appear to be getting along, with the pair holding hands while they waited to enter the party, but I'm just not feeling as though that first controversy will be their last for some reason. These guys will make it quite far into the show before leaving after some major argument... or not, these are just my guesses. Who knows!

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