MAFS 2024: Producer drama and 'suspicious' leaks rock new season

EXCLUSIVE: Tensions are already high on the set of MAFS' eleventh season.

It appears the drama behind the scenes on Married At First Sight between the crew working is equally as chaotic as it is on-screen between the cast members.

With filming for the reality show’s eleventh season currently underway, Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal that tensions are already high less than two weeks into production.

MAFS season 11 couple filming their wedding on the beach.
Filming for the upcoming season of MAFS is currently underway. Photos: Supplied/Matrix

On Friday, as a couple were filmed saying ‘I do’ at Maroubra Beach in Sydney, an onlooker overheard one producer screaming profanities.

“It's honestly all f**ked,” they were heard loudly venting on the phone while racing back and forth across the set.

Shortly after this, another member of the crew smashed a light in the middle of the aisle just a few minutes before the guests were set to walk to their seats.

“When this happened everyone started running around desperately trying to clean it up so they didn't have to delay things. The producers were already tense and this just made things even worse,” the onlooker added.


Meanwhile, a second source told Yahoo Lifestyle that show bosses are already “unhappy” with and “suspicious” of many of this year's participants after their identities leaked before filming their weddings.

The source said: “It's inevitable that cast will reach out and work with media, but it's never this early before they've even started filming. It's making a joke of the show.”

MAFS producers running around on Maroubra beach.
One crew member smashed a light in the middle of the aisle just a few minutes before filming was set to begin. Photos: Supplied

'Very high hopes'

This comes shortly after experts John Aiken and Alessandra Rampolla spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle at the TV WEEK Logie Awards on Sunday about what fans can expect when the show returns to screens.

“Well we always like to make a splash,” John said. “But I think diversity is going to be the word that I would use for this cast.”


“For me, I think my experience of doing this experiment is that I am as surprised as everybody as to how things progress along the way, so I'm just expectant,” Alessandra added.

“I've spoken to some very interesting people that I have very high hopes for, but we all have to wait and see.”

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