MAFS 2024: Same-sex intruder couple spotted filming dinner party

After speculation about MAFS' missing gay couple, a new intruder couple has been spotted filming.

A new same-sex intruder couple has been spotted filming their first dinner party for the 2024 season of Married At First Sight.

Two new faces were captured entering their first dinner party as a couple, which comes after recent reports that there was meant to be a gay couple on the 2024 season of MAFS but one of the grooms dropped out last minute.

A source tells Yahoo Lifestyle that after the groom dropped out, producers "scrambled to find a replacement and do the same-sex pairing as intruders" in a bid to have a more diverse cast, something that has been widely promised for the 2024 series.

Two men have been spotted entering MAFS 2024 as a couple
The first same-sex intruder couple has been spotted filming a MAFS dinner party. Photo: Matrix

Last week a paparazzi who has been covering the new season told Yahoo Lifestyle that it "looks like producers may have had a last-minute change of mind and dropped the same-sex couple or they've purposely held them back and are now making them intruders."


An intruder heads into 2024 MAFS dinner party
A new groom was spotted heading to a MAFS 2024 dinner party, with a source telling Yahoo Lifestyle three intruder couples are set to enter the experiment. Photo: Matrix

MAFS' new direction

Last month it was reported MAFS wanted to shift in a new direction after seasons of explosive dinner party drama, with Channel Nine's head of content Adrian Swift revealing the focus of the upcoming season being "genuine" relationships.

"We have tried to move away from the screechy and the shouting," he told the Herald Sun.

"We still give it all the drama that it needs, but we've tried to absolutely make sure all the relationships we see genuine potential in.

"This year what we have tried to do really carefully, exhaustively, is go, 'is this right?'"

This comes off the back of Yahoo Lifestyle previously revealing that there'd be fewer influencers cast for MAFS 2024, with the show looking to strike a better balance between controversial participants and ones genuinely looking for love.

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