MAFS' Selin unveils huge transformation at Fashion Week: 'Drastic change'

After making her mark on this year’s season of Married At First Sight, Selin Mengu has now unveiled her brand new look at Australian Fashion Week.

The 33-year-old executive assistant showed off her new veneers while attending the star-studded event this week, and spoke openly with Yahoo Lifestyle about her dental makeover.

MAFS' Selin at Fashion Week.
MAFS’ Selin Mengu showed off her new veneers at Australian Fashion Week. Photos: Yahoo Lifestyle

“I love the new teeth,” she told us.

“I never ever thought about getting veneers. There’s a myth about veneers where you have to shave down all your teeth, which is not true. Just hearing that made me more confident.

“When I first got them done I thought they were too big and too white and all of these things. It’s obviously still a drastic change, but I love them. I'm so impressed with them and everyone loves them and thinks they’re real so I’m happy with them.”


Selin’s smile transformation is believed to be worth around $55,000 and comes shortly after her co-star Jackson Lonie revealed his new teeth on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Brent Vitiello recently shared that he was planning on getting his teeth fixed with Invisalign rather than porcelain veneers.

“We're not doing veneers!” he wrote on Instagram. “Just straightening and fixing what God gave me.”

MAFS' Selin attending a dinner party.
Selin was paired with Anthony Cincotta on this year’s season of MAFS. Photo: Channel Nine

Fashion Week

Speaking about attending Fashion Week for the first time, Selin told us that she loved getting to reunite with her fellow MAFS stars Tamara Djordjevic, Carolina Santos and Olivia Frazer.

“All the drama happened, it’s done,” she remarked. “We’re all adults, hopefully, most of us, and we can move past that. So it’s just all about moving on with our lives and having fun.”

Carolina, who recently did a tell-all interview with Yahoo Lifestyle about her experience on the reality show, also told us that it was “so good to finally be able to just have fun with your girlfriends” at Fashion Week.

“You don't have to talk about dramas or MAFS. It’s just fun to be able to be yourself and have fun with the girls,” she said. “Let your hair down!”

MAFS' Selin, Carolina and Tamara at Fashion Week.
Selin, Carolina and Tamara reunited at Fashion Week. Photos: Yahoo Lifestyle

‘There’s a lot in the works’

As for what’s next, Selin, Carolina and Tamara were all very tight-lipped about their plans post-MAFS.

“I have a few things pending so I’m not sure yet, but I’m also busy with my son,” Selin shared. “So it’s a little bit of a juggle and a balance but I’m getting there.”

“Working heaps on my business, trips with Daniel [Holmes], and that's the plan for now,” Carolina said, before adding with a laugh, “Hopefully [we will] get engaged soon! Who knows? It doesn’t depend on me, unfortunately, but he knows. The clock is ticking!”

“Next steps after MAFS are up to my manager. I’m not really quite sure,” Tamara remarked. “There’s a lot in the works, a lot to get through. I’ve got a lot of goals, but nothing on paper just yet.”

Tamara went on to say that she has been feeling “much better” since the show wrapped up and she can share “the unedited version” of herself on social media after regaining access to her Instagram account.

“I can just let people see me for who I am, not the edited me on MAFS,” she said.

“There are a lot of misconceptions about me. One of the major ones is that I'm stuck up or think that I’m better than anybody else. I definitely don’t, I’m very down to earth and I think if you follow me on Instagram and see my life you’ll see that that’s the case.”

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