MAFS' Dion responds to rumours he had a secret girlfriend during filming

Dion Giannarelli and Carolina Santos have experienced quite a tumultuous relationship on Married At First Sight so far, with the pair failing to find common ground and communicate properly, but it’s been rumoured that there may be another reason why things haven’t worked out between them.

Reports emerged this week that the 33-year-old property developer had a ‘secret girlfriend’ during filming, with photos surfacing on social media of himself and a mystery blonde woman looking loved up.

MAFS' Dion Giannarelli
MAFS’ Dion Giannarelli has shut down rumours he had a secret girlfriend while filming the show. Photo: Channel Nine

Speaking exclusively with Yahoo Lifestyle about the claims, Dion asserts that they are “completely incorrect” and he never engaged in a hidden relationship off-screen.

“No, that's definitely not the case at all,” he says. “I was single when I entered the show and I was single when I signed up.

“I'm not too sure what those rumours are, but they are incorrect and I wouldn't believe things that are in the media sometimes. It’s completely incorrect.”


'Everyone deserves happiness in life'

Although Dion might not have been ‘unfaithful’ to his partner during the experiment, Carolina has been involved in this year’s ‘cheating scandal’ by having secret meet-ups with fellow intruder Daniel Holmes.

It’s also evident that the pair continue their relationship in the outside world after they were recently photographed at Sydney airport holding hands and engaging in PDA.

Speaking about the incident, Dion admits he stays off social media and hasn’t seen the snaps of Carolina and Daniel but wishes them well.

“If they are still together, I’m not a person that holds grudges and at the end of the day, all the very best,” he says, adding that he hasn’t been in contact with either of them “for a while”.

“I mean, there's not much more to say. Everyone deserves happiness in life and if they’ve found happiness, congratulations.”

MAFS’ Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos kissing at the airport.
Daniel and Carolina have confirmed their 'secret' romance continues after the show after being spotted at the airport together. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

'A major kick in the gut'

Dion adds that it was “hard to watch” Carolina betray him and see Daniel during filming after she failed to make any efforts to try and fix their ‘marriage’.

“I didn't know any of that was going on, so just like viewers I'm seeing it for the first time as well,” he details.

“It’s definitely a major kick in the gut because Carolina said a number of times that I don’t try enough or I don't go deep enough and I would constantly go to that next level to try and please her and her requirements for a relationship, and then to see that those secret rendezvous were happening behind my back, it was definitely hurtful.”

As for his own on-screen portrayal, however, Dion believes people are getting an accurate representation of who he is.

“It's just showing who I am as a person, no different to me on the outside world to me that you're watching on television,” he explains.

“I made a very strong point to myself to go in there as the person who I am and do myself and my family proud and show Australia the person they raised me to be, and I've done that. I can hand on my heart say that very confidently.

“I'm in this to try and openly and honestly find someone to be with and I was just giving it my all and trying my best to be the best person I possibly can for the greater good.”

Married At First Sight airs at 7pm on Sunday and 7:30pm on Monday to Wednesday on Channel Nine and 9Now.

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