MAFS' Andrew walks out after confessing he's had 350 sexual partners

Confessions Week has well and truly kicked off for the season nine Married At First Sight cast, with Texan groom Andrew Davis revealing that he’s had 350 sexual partners.

Along with his ‘wife’ Holly Greenstein, the newlyweds were tasked with writing a letter to each other and sharing something deeply personal about themselves.

MAFS' Andrew Davis and Holly Greenstein.
MAFS’ groom Andrew Davis told his ‘wife’ Holly Greenstein that he’s had 350 sexual partners. Photos: Channel Nine

“Holly, I love sex,” Andrew declared, after prefacing that he’s never told any partner what he’s about to say.

“I love exploring sex and I love celebrating sex. I am a very sexual person and I have had roughly 350 sexual partners in the past.”

The motivational speaker went on to explain that he came to that number because he has been single for seven years and has had a different sexual partner every week.

“This is over five continents, because I travelled Europe for quite a while as well,” he added, while his partner was left stunned.


Fans online were also shocked by Andrew’s admission, with many questioning whether it was “his version of the humble brag”.

“Who has time to have sex with that many people?” one person asked, followed by another who wondered why the experts paired him with Holly.

Others also compared the TV groom to Love Island Australia's Ryan Reid who claimed last year that he’s slept with over 500 women.

MAFS' Andrew Davis smiling
Viewers were shocked by Andrew’s confession. Photo: Channel Nine

Shortly after Andrew shared his personal confession, Holly detailed in her own letter her strong desire to have a baby and her fear of missing out due to being 36-years-old.

Andrew then said that it was “too much pressure” for him, and he began to distance himself and tell Holly that he was “not the one” for her.

Tensions between the couple reached boiling point during the photo ranking task - where they had to rank the other brides and grooms in order of attractiveness - and Holly went first and unleashed her feelings.

“You were very charming for the first few days of our honeymoon, you were charming on our wedding day. I fell for you, I slept with you, I was invested in you,” she told him, initially putting his photo ahead of the other grooms.

“Now you're giving me no attention, you’re giving me no warmth, and you do not make me feel good enough or attractive enough,” the cinema manager continued, placing him in second place behind Brent.

MAFS' Holly Greenstein yelling.
Holly and Andrew had a heated argument during the photo ranking task. Photo: Channel Nine

Andrew responded to her actions by saying that he didn't feel responsible for her feelings because he is simply being honest, and it didn’t actually matter to him how he was ranked in the photo challenge.

The pair then began arguing, with Holly unable to look at her ‘husband’ while she detailed her frustration with his behaviour, before she finally snapped because of his constant interruptions.

“I am f**king having a conversation here and you’re not listening,” she yelled. “This is why I told you you’re not capable of letting me finish a sentence.”

Andrew proceeded to leave the room and told the producers that he was going home to see his daughter.

While it’s currently uncertain whether he will return to the experiment, Yahoo Lifestyle has obtained photos of Holly looking strained and upset outside the cast’s apartment building in September following the war of words.

The images show the TV bride walking through the city with a producer, followed by an emotional-looking phone call.

MAFS' Holly Greenstein looking upset.
Holly was photographed looking upset after the argument with her ‘husband’. Photos: Supplied/Matrix

Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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