The Bachelor's Matty 'J' Johnson reveals divisive shower habit

Is Matty J's shower revelation gross or normal?

Matty J in shower
Matty J has given new life to a shower debate. Photo:

It's a debate that comes and goes online often, and former Bachelor Matty 'J' Johnson has reinvigorated it again after revealing one of his shower habits on social media. Uploading a video to Instagram and TikTok, Matty is seen in the shower lathering up his chest and shoulders before it comically pans to his legs 'singing' Shannon Noll's version of 'What About Me?'.

"Does anyone actually wash their legs in the shower?" Matty captioned the video, leading to a large number of comments with people debating their preferences when it comes to leg washing.

Matty J's legs
Matty J's legs are begging to be soaped up. Photo:

The video caused a bit of a stir, with many disagreeing on what was the right shower protocol. And as it turned out the logic differed between men and women.


"What percentage of the 'No' voters are men, and what percentage of 'Yes' are women?" one person questioned, with one man saying, "Only after mowing the lawn. Otherwise soap flows downwards so they get washed by default." "Nah the water gets it same your back and feet," another man said.

"Yes, why tf would you not?" one woman commented. "I scrub mine with a loofa, get all the dead skin off!" "Um yes lol got to wash everything even between your toes," another woman said.

"I do more so in summer when they’ve had sunscreen on them and have been bare all day, getting more dirty or salty. In winter they hardly get dirty and the soapy water runs down over them," another woman counter-argued. "Too much scrubbing with soap makes the skin dry out."


"As someone who has to deal with other people’s legs & feet. For the love of God, please wash!" another desperate person begged.

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