Laura Byrne divides with wild bathroom confession: 'I would never do that'

Laura and Matty J have sparked a debate on social media about toilet habits.

Laura Byrne has left her followers divided after she shared a hilarious video poking fun at how couples discuss their toilet habits at the beginning of their relationship versus when they are married.

The skit begins with the reality star and her husband Matty ‘J’ Johnson portraying a couple who are still in the early stages of dating, with Laura telling him she needs to “get a water” before sneaking off to the bathroom.

Matty 'J' Johnson and Laura Byrne.
Laura Byrne has sparked a debate on social media about how openly married couples should discuss their toilet habits. Photos: Instagram/ladyandacat

While the first clip shows Laura trying to use the toilet as discreetly as she can, the second clip where she and Matty are acting as a married couple is the complete opposite.

Laura is heard grunting in the bathroom before opening the door and telling Matty she’s done “the best s**t” of her entire life.

“I reckon I lost about four kilos in there,” she remarks.

“Do you want to have a look? I haven’t flushed it yet. Although let me tell you, it’ll burn your sinuses.”


The video, which was shared on Tuesday evening, has already racked up over 650,000 views in less than 24 hours.

“Welcome to married life…” the couple captioned the post.

'Too much information'

Laura and Matty’s followers were clearly divided over whether or not couples should discuss their bowel movements, with one person describing the video as “rank”.

“After 13 years I’m still embarrassed to poo near my husband. No farts either,” they wrote, while another added, “18 years here. I’ve accepted my fate of a life of constant stomach pain”.

“I would never do that,” someone else shared, followed by a different user who said, “No offence but that was a little too much information!”.

Meanwhile, a majority of fans said the video was “far too accurate”, with some people even commenting that they didn’t go far enough.

“He should be brushing his teeth whilst you're in there too,” one fan joked, with another adding, “No married person would pause the show tbh”.

“This is the most relatable post I’ve ever seen in my ENTIRE LIFE!” a third declared.

“Definition of true love right there,” someone else remarked.

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