Matty J reveals he and Laura Byrne 'said no' to their own reality show

Since they first met on The Bachelor in 2017, fans have loved watching Matty J and Laura Byrne’s lives unfold as they have gotten engaged, welcomed two children and both enjoyed very successful careers in the media industry.

And while social media provides a great perspective on their adventures, it turns out that there was almost going to be an entire reality TV show centred around the couple.

Matty J and Laura taking a selfie.
Matty J says that he and his fiancée Laura Byrne ‘said no’ to doing their own reality TV show. Photo: Instagram/matthewdavidjohnson

Chatting with Yahoo Lifestyle, Matt reveals that the pair rejected the offer because they didn’t think it would be the right fit for them.

“Maybe three years ago we got an offer to do a reality TV show and we said no to it,” he shares. “We just wanted to have a bit of a boring normal life and not mine up our lives too much for content.

“But I don't know, we're too boring! If I had like a comedy sketch show, I would rather do that than a reality TV show. Anything where I can be really stupid and dress up in wigs and moustaches and run around like a silly young man.”

Matty J posing in a wig, and posing in a red bodysuit costume with a fake moustache.
Matt says he’d rather do a comedy sketch show where he can ‘dress up in wigs and moustaches’. Photos: Instagram/matthewdavidjohnson

‘The biggest nightmare ever’

Since his stint on The Bachelor, Matt has stripped off on The All New Full Monty, competed on Dancing with the Stars and made regular TV appearances on shows like The Living Room.

However, he says that fans shouldn’t expect him to follow in the footsteps of fellow Bachelor alums Anna Heinrich, Locky Gilbert, Ali Oetjen and Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins on SAS Australia.

“I watched that show and I was so impressed, especially Anna and the fact that she went toe to toe with ex-footy players and Locky who’s 6 foot 3,” he remarks.


“That to me is the biggest nightmare ever. Shows like I’m A Celebrity and SAS and Survivor where you're hungry, you’re sleeping in really uncomfortable settings and it’s either really hot or really cold. Nothing about that appeals to me, I dread the thought.”

Matt, who recently launched his new podcast The Penny Drops, went on to say that he’s “more happy just dancing” or learning something that he can apply to life at home.

“Imagine an SAS for parents,” he laughs. “Instead of having to like, carry a log up a hill and then be screamed at by lieutenants, you’re being screamed at by babies and then have to make three bottles that are all the perfect temperature. That’s more of a task I’d be willing to attack.”

Matty J and Laura taking a selfie with their two daughters.
Matt would love to try and do ‘SAS for parents’. Photo: Instagram/matthewdavidjohnson

‘I was so nervous’

While he doesn’t have any immediate plans to return to reality TV, Matt has recently enjoyed being a fill-in host for Studio 10.

The father of two admits that a TV hosting gig has always been a dream of his because the medium “has such a special place in my heart”.

“I filled in on Studio 10 once three years ago and I put so much pressure on myself because I was thinking like, this is my big break, they’re testing me here. And I was so nervous,” he recalls.

“Every word that came into my mouth I was like, ‘Is this the right thing to say? Should I say this? Should I not?’. I was so tentative and sometimes it's so much easier when you’re just more relaxed.

“And so coming back, when I wasn't putting so much pressure on myself to fill in it was the first time I'd done TV and really enjoyed it. And so I'd love to do something again when an opportunity presents itself because it was the first time where the nerves weren't so all-consuming.

“We'll see what happens, but obviously if it doesn't then I'm more than happy doing TikTok videos and podcasts.”

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