Laura Byrne fires up at Clementine Ford after Matty J diss

Laura Byrne has defended her husband after Clementine Ford called out one of Matty J's comedy skits.

Laura Byrne and Clementine Ford
Laura Byrne and Clementine Ford. Photo:

Life Uncut host Laura Byrne has defended her husband Matty J on her Instagram Stories after renowned feminist and author Clementine Ford slammed one of his comedy skits.

The skit shows Matty J poking fun at the fact Laura was away and he was looking after their two children. But in it, Matty is seen relaxing and sighing as his mother does the chores around the house, set to Reba McEntire's 'I'm a Survivor'.

Clementine Ford took to her Stories to say she was 'embarrassed for everyone involved in this [video]' for perpetuating retro-sexist comedy.

Clementine Ford's Insatgram Story about Matty J
Clementine Ford blasted Matty J's Reel on her Instagram Stories. Photo:

"I have a whole chapter about this kind of retro sexist comedy in #IDont," she said of her book.

"[The chapter] explores how men use 'comedy' like this to hide their incompetency in plain sight. When women complain about it or push back, we're accused (yet again) of having no sense of humour and – hilariously – of 'hating men'," she continued.

'Matt does more than 70% of the parenting'

The video of Matty J's takedown got back to Laura Byrne who was furious as she responded on her own Instagram Stories, after letting Clementine know that she wasn't able to DM her directly.

Laura went on to say the video was satire and that the reason it's so satirical is because Matty J does the primary parenting when it comes to raising their two daughters.

Laura Byrne on her Instagram Stories
Laura Byrne has defended husband Matty J after Clementine Ford called out one of his videos. Photo:

"The irony in that video is the fact that we were both raised by single mums. I think the reason I need to justify this is because outrage culture is so great, it achieves many things. But that anger needs to be channelled to where it's useful," Laura said.

"Matt is the primary caregiver in our household. Matt does more than 70% of the parenting because I do more than 70% of the work. Those things are very important parts of the story to keep perspective on when you're going to get angry about something on the internet."


'This is not a fight'

Clementine hit back again on her Instagram Stories, saying that it wasn't a fight or a flame war.

"It's really wild to me how a sprinkling of critique of mainstream society's most precious f***ing peccadillos in this case, two very beige reality television stars — who live by the way in a $2 million house — that the defence of these people goes so deep that even the most basic of criticisms is somehow you having an unfair crack at them," Clementine said.

Clementine Ford on her Instagram Stories
Clementine Ford labelled her disagreement with Matty J and Laura has "not a fight and not a flame war". Photo:

"This is not a real story, this is not a fight, this is not a flame war," Clementine continued. "This is literally a handful of Instagram Stories that essentially amount to gossip. If you want to turn this into a f***ing article then you can quote me on this: you all need to get real jobs and I feel sorry for you."

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