Kyle Sandilands reveals outrageous reason he bought new $450,000 car

"I reacted badly, found a new car, and it just appeared two days later..."

Kyle and Jackie O
Kyle and Jackie O. Photo:

Radio shock jock Kyle Sandilands has revealed the outrageous reason he got rid of his Bentley last week and replaced it with a brand new $450,000 Mercedes-Maybach.

Speaking on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, the 54-year-old explained he became so frustrated by his Bentley's headlight needing replacing that he bought a new vehicle instead of replacing it.

“An indicator came up on the dashboard that said the front left headlight had gone out. I thought, 'S**t, this isn't a 1980 Corolla, why has the headlight gone out?' So I got the s**ts and just got a new car. Throw this s**t out. I reacted badly, found a new car, told [my manager] Bruno I want that car and it just appeared two days later,” he told a shocked Jackie O Henderson.

Kyle went on to explain that he owns multiple vehicles and alternates which one he drives most days whilst having his manager fill them up with petrol.

Kyle's extravagant news comes after the successful debut of the Kyle and Jackie O Show in Melbourne this week.

Kyle and Jackie O melbourne show
Kyle and Jackie O launched their show in Melbourne. Photo:


The top-rated radio stars signed a huge $200 million contract with KIIS FM last year, and while they may not need any introduction to most Aussies, they still decided to introduce themselves to their new Victorian audience and they left little to the imagination.

Saying it was a "big day" for the duo, Kyle introduced himself to new listeners as a "coke-sniffing asshole" and "ex-f**k boy", while Jackie confirmed that she was "STI free".

Kyle and Jackie O signed a new $200 million contract last year. Photo: KIIS FM
Kyle and Jackie O signed a new $200 million contract last year. Photo: KIIS FM


More of the crew were introduced to Melbourne fans, with newsreader Brooklyn Ross admitting he once had crabs, and show director Bruno Bouchet introducing himself by saying "despite being straight, I love getting pegged".

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