Julia Fox shocks with revealing duct tape bikini: 'Trash'

Actress Julia Fox has jumped on the ‘duct tape bikini’ trend after being spotted in a very revealing outfit.

The Uncut Gems star went out in New York on Saturday night with nothing but a thin strip of metallic duct tape covering her modesty.

Two photos of Julia Fox in New York City wearing a duct tape bikini
Julia Fox showed off her incredible figure in her skimpy outfit. Photo: Getty

She finished off her look with her signature dramatic eye makeup, chunky black boots and large, flowing pants.

Julia has been in the city for New York Fashion Week and is known for her daring fashion choices.


Her duct tape look was roasted on social media, with one person even comparing her top to a strip of seaweed on a piece of sushi.

“I guess you have to dress like trash to get noticed,” a second wrote on Twitter.

“Her top probably costs $115. I can make it at home for 10 cents,” another added.

“We have rolls of this [tape] in the garage. Who knew I had everything I needed to be a fashionista!” quipped a fan.

Julia Fox wearing a duct tape bikini in New York City
The star oozed confidence as she walked through the city. Photo: Getty

However, the star has a fanbase that fiercely defends her from any trolls online.

“I’m sorry but literally everything Julia Fox does is iconic,” one wrote.

“Julia Fox is a stunt queen and if you don’t get that by now idk what to say,” a second chimed in.

“She’s so f**king cool I can’t get over it,” remarked a fan.

“I am obsessed with Julia Fox,” another added.

Julia's raunchy outfit divides fans

This comes after Julia was spotted wearing a skimpy outfit to run errands in.

The star donned a revealing latex two-piece, held together with metal rings across her cleavage and hip.

Her bizarre outfit was compared to 'garbage bags'. Photo: Getty
Her bizarre outfit was compared to 'garbage bags'. Photo: Getty

Some of her fans adored her daring look, saying that she was serving the ‘slayage of the century’.

“Each time I see her an item of material is removed from her clothing and I don’t even mind it,” one fan joked.

“How tf did she pull this off? She’s incredible,” another chimed in.

“Her outfits are so ridiculous I have to stan,” a third wrote.

“If you look like that you can do and wear whatever you want. Facts,” added another.


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