Bella Hadid divides fans with extremely skimpy bikini: 'Ouch!'

Supermodel Bella Hadid has divided fans with her controversial bikini, which consists of just two tiny pieces of driftwood held together by chains.

Posing on the beach, the star proudly showed off the skimpy top paired with a large tulle-filled skirt and matching sleeves.

Bella Hadid wearing a skimpy bikini and skirt on the beach
Bella Hadid has divided fans with this extremely skimpy bikini. Photo: Instagram/bellahadid

The look came from i-D's latest cover shoot, which Bella said was a ‘dream’ career move. Although the model was excited to share the look with fans, it wasn't long before she was blasted for her 'disappointing' outfit.

“I can’t really deal with the fact that pretty much all you post is nudity,” one upset fan wrote.

“Well this looks absolutely ridiculous!” a second remarked.

“Ouch! That looks super uncomfortable!” added a fan, while another said it ‘looked painful’.


Other fans were worried about the logistics of wearing such a risky fashion piece.

“If I tried to wear that I’d be so worried about my nipples. They don’t just stay in one place,” a person admitted.

“That’s a nip slip waiting to happen,” another chimed in.

“One wrong move Bella, and it’s all over,” a third warned.

Two photos of Bella Hadid in a skimpy bikini and skirt on the beach
Many fans were concerned about how revealing the bikini was. Photo: Instagram/bellahadid

However, the star also had a slew of supportive comments from fans who adored her confidence.

Calling her ‘stunning’ and a ‘goddess’, the model was also constantly compared to being a ‘literal mermaid’.

The 25-year-old model also shared a carousel of photos from the shoot with i-D, and added that she felt ‘honoured and lucky’ to have her story told.

Along with her controversial skimpy bikini, she also appeared braless in a sheer green dress.

Her celebrity family and friends heaped praise on Bella, with TV host Sophia Roe saying that they’re her ‘favourite pictures of Bella ever’.

Fellow model and cousin Joann van den Herik said she was ‘so proud’ of Bella, while singer Sza said the shoot was ‘soooo good’.

Bella and Gigi's 'awful' runway look

This comes after Bella and Gigi Hadid were slammed for their 'awful' transformation, after shaving parts of their heads and bleaching their eyebrows.

The sisters looked completely unrecognisable as they debuted their new look on the runway for Marc Jacobs’ fall 2022 collection.

Pairing their bleached eyebrows with blunt-cut bangs, the stars stole the show which was held at the New York Public Library.

Bella and Gigi Hadid walk the runway for Marc Jacobs
Bella and Gigi Hadid shocked fans with their extreme transformation. Photo: Getty

Fans were horrified at the change and quickly took to social media to tell the models exactly what they thought.

“What have they done to you?” one fan wrote, while another said: “Girl, Marc Jacobs is not worth this.”

“Y’all, quit lying to her saying this haircut looks good. It’s beyond awful,” added a third.

Designer Marc Jacobs was so grateful to have the sisters trust his vision, and thanked the pair on social media.

Noël Jacoboni was the key SFX makeup artist for the models, and she said that the dramatic look had only been planned for a week.

"We are so thankful we were able to be a part of this otherworldly show. It took many people and many hands to get this done and I’m so proud of our work!" she wrote on Instagram.

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