Carmen Electra, 50, stuns in revealing string bikini: 'A fine wine'

Baywatch star Carmen Electra has proved she’s still got it, after posing in a skimpy bikini at 50.

The actress showed off her incredible figure as she donned a bedazzled swimsuit in the sun.

Carmen Electra poses in a black string bikini covered in silver studs and a wrap skirt made out of the same material
Carmen Electra looks incredible for her age. Photo: Instagram/carmenelectra

Wearing a plunging black bikini covered in sparkling gemstones, she finished the look off with a shimmering high-waisted wrap skirt.

The skirt left her entire right hip and leg exposed, leaving very little to the imagination.

“Thursday vibes. Enjoying the sunshine every chance I get,” she captioned the snap.


Basking in natural light, the star held onto a tree as she arched her body towards the sky.

Some fans were taken aback at how good she looked for her age, with many calling her a ‘goddess’.

L: Carmen Electra drinking a pink smoothie. R: Carmen Electra in Baywatch.
The star shot to fame when she played Lani McKenzie in Baywatch. Photo: Instagram/carmenelectra & Getty

“I guess it is possible to have the same celebrity crush for 30 years,” a fan quipped.

"You are definitely a fine wine. Look the same since I was a kid. Huge fan and always will be!” a second added.

“You look ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL in the sunlight, Carmen,” wrote another.

“There are just no words for how beautiful and perfect you are,” a fourth gushed.

“Yes!! Stunning as always, still my favourite,” a fan remarked.

Carmen's X-rated content

This comes after the former Playboy model announced her new account on OnlyFans, where she can share X-rated photos and videos.

The former Baywatch star spoke to People earlier this year, telling the publication that “it was like a no-brainer” to join the website.

L: Carmen Electra wears a figure hugging black outfit, showing off her figure. R: Carmen Electra poses in a bikini
The star announced that OnlyFans means she can be 'her own boss'. Photo: Instagram/carmenelectra

According to the publication, the star wanted to be in control of her image, saying: “I, for once, have this opportunity to be my own boss and have my own creative vision to share with my fans without someone standing over me, telling me, ‘Don’t do this, don’t do that. Cover up this.’"

Electra has previously shared topless photos on Instagram but was forced to add strategically placed emojis to censor her content. By joining OnlyFans, she’s able to be “a little bit more intimate."

While her OnlyFans account is only able to be viewed by subscribers, some of Electra’s captions can be seen: “A little nip slip never hurt nobody, right?”

“Whoopsies! My bathrobe seemed to have slipped, I hope this isn’t too much for you to handle!” she teased.

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