Martha Stewart, 81, baffles with topless video: 'Is she naked?'

Television personality Martha Stewart, 81, stunned fans when she appeared topless in her latest Instagram post.

The star was promoting her new campaign with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, seemingly wearing just a branded apron with nothing underneath.

Two photos of Martha Stewart sipping coffee in a white apron
Martha Stewart was praised for her incredible figure at 81. Photo: Instagram/marthastewart48

Starting the video by sipping coffee, she plugged the brand before making a joke.

“Oh hi there. I’m just enjoying the natural flavour of Pumpkin Spice from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, and nothing else, literally. Just look at this, a thing of natural beauty,” she began.

“No, no no, not me, my Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Pumpkin Spice coffee,” the cookbook author quipped.

“It’s made with natural flavours, that means they’ve stripped away the artificial and left nothing but goodness. What can I say? We have a lot in common.”


In the caption, she added: “There’s no need for a coffee run — so savings come naturally. Join me and let’s go #FallNaturale with Green Mountain Coffee.”

Martha’s celebrity pals were quick to praise the star, with actress Ellen Pompeo writing, “Day Made”.

Model Karlie Kloss and designer Dennis Basso also reacted favourably to the post.

Fans were both confused and delighted by the 'iconic' sponsored video, with one asking: “Omg, is she naked?”

Two photos of Martha Stewart wearing nothing but a Green Mountain Coffee apron, and holding a cup of coffee
The celebrity chef showed off her coffee as well as her figure. Photo: Instagram/marthastewart48

“I don’t know what’s happening here, but I am all for it!!!” a fan wrote.

“Uh…I was like what’s missing here? Gorgeous as always, your skin is truly envious at any age,” another quipped.

“Ok. This is a SERVE,” one wrote, while another asked, “Is this what’s called a thirst trap?”

“I love you Martha Stewart. Doesn’t matter if she’s thirst trapping or baking a turkey, she’s doing it the best!” a fan declared.

On Thursday, Martha opened up to Yahoo! Life about why she didn’t mind taking off her clothes.

“I think I look fine and I’m in good shape,” she told the publication. “I’m healthy, I’m vibrant, I’m energetic and I’m still the curious person I’ve always been.”

“I walk around in a bathing suit,” she added, “so if I can walk around in a bathing suit or a strapless dress and feel good, I can walk around in an apron.”

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