Star sparks debate with daring low-rise pants: 'Deeply disturbed'

Actress Julia Fox has shocked fans and sparked debate with an outfit that leaves very little to the imagination.

The Uncut Gems star was snapped with Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn in New York City last week wearing a pair of daring low-rise pants.

Teamed with a halterneck bikini top, the star donned the black low-rise jeans, black boots and a pair of dark sunglasses.

In a video posted to Instagram, the Italian-American actress is seen strutting through Indochine restaurant in an outfit that left fans stunned.

Julia Fox wears low-rise pants.
Julia Fox shocked fans with her low-rise pants. Source: Instagram

"Deeply disturbed by Julia's outfit," one commented.

"Me too, one wrong move and well it would be on display completely," another said.

"Those jeans leave nothing to the imagination. Low-rise is one thing, the only thing she’s not exposing is her crack," a third added.

Others claimed the star looked "desperate" and "super tacky", while others suggested she should have just left the pants at home.


"Like Julia has an amazing body but this cut … I’m trying to understand, and listen, I’m super open-minded but who would this cut be flattering on? Like should we appreciate this cut as progressive or should we just call it and say it doesn’t work even on a woman with a desired appearance," one said.

"Super cringe," somebody else commented.

"Surely those trousers are on backwards," a third questioned.

Others however praised the daring look, with many saying it was "iconic".

"I think it looks nice, it elongated her torso, created a desirable silhouette. And of course it's shocking that's what she's all about ... she's progressive as hell and doesn't care what people think," a fan said.

"OMG icons," another commented.

It comes after the Black Tape Project debuted some extremely skimpy bikinis at the Miami Swim Week 2022, with body tape barely covering the models' modesty on the runway.

Models wear duct tape swimwear on a runway.
Swimwear made from duct tape is the latest fashion trend. Source: Getty

Model Chanel Rivera donned one of the designs, and spilled on Instagram that it took her 12 hours to put on the bikini.

Chanel’s bikini design showcased her figure, with black tape winding up her left leg, covering her crotch and bust areas, but leaving the majority of her body uncovered.

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