Controversial 'duct tape' bikinis spark furious debate: 'This is tacky'

Duct tape bikinis are the latest fashion trend to hit the runway, but the controversial choice of swimwear has divided opinion online, with some labelling it ‘tacky’.

The Black Tape Project debuted some extremely skimpy bikinis at the Miami Swim Week 2022, with body tape barely covering the models' modesty.

Two images of models donning Black Tape Project swimwear at the Miami Fashion Show
Swimwear made from duct tape is the latest fashion trend. Photo: Getty

Model Chanel Rivera donned one of the designs, and spilled on Instagram that it took her 12 hours to put on the bikini.

“Second time walking for the Black Tape Project. Thank you Joel, and to the outstanding team behind all of this hard work — 12 hours taping and just 30 seconds walking. It is an honour to be wearing your art,” she wrote.


Chanel’s bikini design showcased her figure, with black tape winding up her left leg, covering her crotch and bust areas, but leaving the majority of her body uncovered.

The fashion designer sent many models down the runway in equally skimpy designs, with one mimicking a Borat-style mankini.

Joel Alvarez, the creator and designer behind the sticky tape bikinis, also created a mosaic swimsuit using brightly coloured and shimmering body tape.

The bikini designs sparked furious debate online, with one saying it would be ‘painful’ to remove.

“Absolutely charmless and revolting,” a person commented.

“No. This is NOT a thing. It’s certainly not fashion, and it’s certainly not a bathing suit,” another added.

“Everyone chooses their own fashion, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this is tacky,” a third wrote.

L: Model in Black Tape Project bikini with tape covering her wrists and part of her bottom. R: Model covered in green body tape
Some of the bikini designs left very little to the imagination. Photo: Getty

However, some fans were absolutely enamoured with the models and the extremely skimpy looks.

“I would soooo do this if I had the body for tape,” a fan wrote.

“Absolutely gorgeous masterpiece! Love it,” a second chimed in.

“The designs are incredible…the models are all beauties!” another commented.

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