Julia Fox divides opinion with raunchy outfit: 'Ridiculous'

Actress Julia Fox has sparked debate after appearing in yet another skimpy outfit, leaving barely anything to the imagination.

The Uncut Gems star donned a revealing latex two-piece, held together with metal rings across her cleavage and hip.

Julia Fox poses for a camera, with heavy eyeliner
Julia Fox has debuted yet another outrageous look. Photo: Getty

Finishing off her look with heavy black eyeliner, latex heels and a Balenciaga purse, the star was supposedly running errands in Los Angeles.

Some of her fans adored her daring look, saying that she was serving the ‘slayage of the century’.


“Each time I see her an item of material is removed from her clothing and I don’t even mind it,” one fan joked.

“How tf did she pull this off? She’s incredible,” another chimed in.

“Her outfits are so ridiculous I have to stan,” a third wrote.

“If you look like that you can do and wear whatever you want. Facts,” added another.

Two photos of Julia Fox walking down a Los Angeles street in a revealing two piece latex outfit
Her bizarre outfit was compared to 'garbage bags'. Photo: Getty

However, there were plenty of people who slammed the star’s outfit.

“Looks like a garbage bag held together with super glue and silver metal hangers from Kmart,” one person observed.

“Can she not afford the whole shirt and pants?” a second asked.

“The way I’m trying to understand the mechanics of this…is it even a dress? I’ll just call it covering,” added another.

“This is the worst outfit I’ve ever seen in my life,” a fan declared.

Julia's outrageous fashion choices

Julia has become well known for wearing strange outfits, and previously appeared in some extremely low-rise pants.

Teamed with a halterneck bikini top, the star donned black low-rise jeans, black boots and a pair of dark sunglasses.

In a video posted to Instagram, the Italian-American actress strutted through a restaurant, leaving fans stunned.

"Deeply disturbed by Julia's outfit," one commented.

"Me too, one wrong move and well it would be on display completely," another said.

"Those jeans leave nothing to the imagination. Low-rise is one thing, the only thing she’s not exposing is her crack," a third added.

Others claimed the star looked "desperate" and "super tacky", while others suggested she should have just left the pants at home.

Some fans praised the daring look, with many saying it was "iconic".

"I think it looks nice, it elongated her torso, created a desirable silhouette. And of course it's shocking that's what she's all about ... she's progressive as hell and doesn't care what people think," a fan said.

"OMG icons," another commented.

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