Jackie O: Single, successful, satisfied and proving how good life after divorce can really be

Not only is she the highest paid radio host in the country she's also loving her life like never before!

Take a look at any recent photo of radio queen Jackie O and that girl is having the time of her life.

Simply, the mumma-of-one looks to be loving life like never before. Single, successful and satisfied.

Jackie looks a little different from the woman we saw a few years ago (like most of us during the pandemic!) who hid behind baggy sweat tops, sweatshirts, minimal (to no) make-up, sandshoes and caps.

Jackie looks to have joined that group of women who have come out of a long-term relationship (she split with husband Lee Henderson in 2018) took some time to think about where she was going and is now embracing life in every way.

Jackie O poses in sunglasses in front of a pink door (left) and with her friends (right).
Jackie O is living life to the fullest since her recent divorce. Source: Instagram

Like many women, when you separate/split/divorce - and I’m speaking from experience here - there are a few ways to go. You either get a new, reinvigorated lease on life which can include finding a whole new person lurking underneath, one that you never knew existed. Or, you become introspective and much quieter as you plan how the next chapter will read.

Looking at the past six years, I reckon Jackie took the lockdown years to really find "her". To concentrate on her career and much, much more importantly, concentrate on motherhood. (Jackie shares a divine daughter, 12-year-old Kitty with ex-husband Lee.)

Jackie's looking amazing and she's loving it

I think we’ve all noticed how "good" Jackie looks too.

Ok, ok. There has been much speculation about Jackie’s weight loss - "Is she, isn’t she?" - but seriously, how someone loses weight is absolutely no one's business. These days, I reckon anyone who has a go about how anyone loses kgs seems to be the one with the issues.

You can just tell Jackie is loving how she looks. She has a reinvigorated appreciation of fashion (which she has alway loved) and even at breakfast time, she looks fresh, fashionable and fierce.

The fact that Jackie’s radio show, that she co-hosts with Kyle Sandilands, is video-ed and streamed, of course she wants to look the best she can. And she does.


Blonde, bronzed and on trend. And don’t come at me for that. It’s human nature to want to look as good as we all can. And in Jackie’s case, she’s nailing it in a new Zimmerman, Erdem, Aje, Prada or Rebecca Vallance with a side of Dior, Ferragamo and Vuitton.


If Jackie looked like she rolled out of bed on the show’s stream she’d be knocked and bullied, instead, she’s opted for a much more positive alternative. (Even if it is a bit of a pain to get dressed up when you have to get up at 4:30am!)

Inspiring approach to new singledom

Obviously, Jackie’s work circumstances - and the ample remuneration that goes with it - allows her to do and have the things that many can’t afford.

But how wealthy you are cannot and should not determine a state of mind, particularly when you are a single mum and continually proving yourself in your career.

I just simply hand it to any woman, whether a public figure like Jackie or any one at all, who takes the path of relatively newly found singledom and gives everything that life has to offer a red hot go. More power to you all!

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