Jackie O opens up about huge salary: 'I don't want to gloat'

The radio host said her salary can affect relationships, saying men aren't always 'comfortable' with her money.

Jackie O Henderson has opened up about her personal life in a new podcast episode after being interviewed by Mia Freedman on the No Filter podcast.

Speaking about her dating life and her financial success, Jackie got candid, not long after confessing she was 'embarrassed' by her massive salary in another recent podcast.

Now in a chat with the Mamamia pod, Jackie commented further, letting fans into her private life a little more.

"I should be proud of the money I earn," she said. "Maybe it's just the way I was brought up. I don't want to gloat."

"There's a fine line to me between being proud of how far I've come – which I am really proud of that – and then there's the gloating part... that's the part I don't want to do."

Jackie O Henderson on the No Filter podcast
Jackie O Henderson on the No Filter with Mia Freedman podcast. Photo: instagram.com/nofiltermamamia

When asked about her current contract, rumoured to be $5 million a year, Mia said she believed Jackie and Kyle weren’t often given the respect ‘that they both deserve’ as the highest-paid people in Australian media.


“How do you feel about that power?” Mia asked Jackie.

“I don’t see it as power. Money is so great on the one hand because it gives you this beautiful, comfortable life, and you don’t have those worries or pressures," Jackie shared. "And on the other hand sometimes you just want to be rid of it as well, because it changes dynamics."

Jackie O in pink mini dress and her daughter Kitty in black long dress
Jackie O and her daughter. Photo: Instagram.com/jackie_official

Elaborating on the dynamics, Jackie said she was referring to male/female dynamics in relationships.

“I think some men can be comfortable with it, but I think that can be hard to find,” she said.


The interview was met with mixed reactions from fans.

"Ridiculous! She is not curing cancer or changing the world or lives. It is totally obscene for her to say she is deserving of that amount," one person said.

"If the radio company is willing to pay them the money they do it obviously makes the radio station what it is. Without the pair, the station loses its advertisers and listeners," one person counter-argued back. "There’s a reason why they get so much - they bring in so much more across the network."

"Loved this interview. Such a real person with such great perspective on life," another said.

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